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Location : Fulya Mah. Buyukdere Cad. No.76 Quasar Tower, Estetik International Istanbul, Turkey

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Gynecomastia in Istanbul, Turkey

Top Male Breast Reduction in Istanbul, Turkey

Gynecomastia is a common condition in which men develop excess tissue in the breast. Now more than ever, people are taking advantage of sophisticated new techniques to treat this potentially embarrassing condition. For most men with gynecomastia, the breasts simply contain fat deposits. Fat removal with liposculpture is a very effective treatment for this kind of gynecomastia. In some men the breasts contain a combination of fat and glandular tissue. Liposuction is less effective in these cases because the procedure cannot remove glandular tissue.

What are the Benefits of Getting the Surgery?

  • Reduction of the excess tissue in the breast.
  • More confidence and higher self esteem.
  • The result will a flatter, more masculine chest.
  • It allows to remove the fat in a much less traumatic fashion and at the same time cause significantly further skin shrinkage and tightening.
  • It's an one-hour Scarless procedure.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Many surgeons treat this type of gynecomastia by making large incisions to remove the glandular tissue, often causing unsightly scarring around the areola.

For Scarless Male Breast Reduction we utilize state-of-the-art technology for this remarkable procedure, which allows us to break up hard glandular tissue and remove it through the suction cannula used to perform liposculpture.

The one-hour procedure is performed in our certified surgery center, where patients are given a local or twilight anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Most scarless male breast reduction patients are fully recovered within 24 to 48 hours. We look forward to discussing this life-altering procedure with our potential patients.

What does the Package Include?

The Package Includes:

  • 1 night hospital accommodation
  • 2 night hotel accommodation (Room +open buffet breakfast )
  • 1 day Istanbul tour
  • Transfers ( airport-hotel, hotel-airport )
  • Laboratory tests, anesthesia , all of surgery tools, before and after surgery consultation

The Package Does Not Include:

  • After the operation all medicaments and corset etc.
  • Hotel lunch and dinner meal

NOTE: If the patients want to eat lunc and dinner at the hotel we have exclusive agreement: 

  • Lunch (4 variety set menu lunch,1 soft drink during the meals): 16€                  
  • Dinner (4 variety set menu lunch,1 soft drink during the meals):16€

Why Choose Us?

  • First Class Doctors, Surgeons, Professionals and Facilities.
  • Solutions to a broader audience with the benefit of modern medicine.
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation units.
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Pools to serve.
  • Five star accommodation for all our patients.
  • The preferred location in terms of transport, airport transfers and travel programs in the same place all the services to be offered together.

For more information about the male breast reduction surgery, please contact us!

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Fulya Mah. Buyukdere Cad. No.76 Quasar Tower, Estetik International


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