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Affordable Dentures in Istanbul, Turkey

What is This Procedure?

Dental implants Widely used in cosmetic dentistry, this consists on making artificial teeth compatible with the patients` face and attempting to accomplish the closest natural look and function. A good number of  people may use crowns, bridges, and the sort for many reasons. The use of dentures does not mean you will care less for your oral and dental health. it rather mean that you DO care and that you are using the one method that can help you achieve that goal once the natural teeth pieces of you are gone, for whatever reason.


Are There Benefits?

  • They seem very identical to human natural teeth.

  • They give better chewing and speaking capabilities than other traditional methods.

  • They are a great alternative to replenish the mouth that does not have natural teeth.

  • It will better your quality of life.

What Do You Get?

Replacing one tooth:

You will get to choose an implant treatment. It is important to remember that the prostheses that will be mounted on the implants will be replacing the natural teeth and resembling them very accurately. The nearby teeth won`t be affected in any way as in other more invasive procedures!

Replacing more than one tooth:

Ever since the implants do not require support from nearby teeth, but directly from the jaw bone, this is the best solution for people that don`t have teeth in the back of the mouth.

Replacing all teeth:

Provided your jawbones are adequate, you can get the implants inserted, and we can start building up a whole set of natural looking teeth for you. Even if your jawbones are not suitable for this procedure, we will reconstruct it and make it good to build your smile.

Regular Denture  $780.00 USD

 Denture on implants  (With 2 ball attachment)     $1,250.00 USD

Denture on Teeth  (including 2 clips)  $1,095.00 USD

Hospitadent Hospitals offers further 10% discount if paid in cash!

Our Packages Include:

  • Transportation to and from Istanbul airports, for both domestic and international Hospitadent Hospitals patients.

  • Treatment briefing to International patients regarding lengths pricing, if they provide their panoramic in-mouth x-ray film-s before hand.

  • 'Insurance coverage services' contract with AGIS, one of the Netherlands` largest insurance companies.

  • 2 years Certified Warranty for tooth fillings, 6 years for prostheses and lifelong for implants.

Why Choose Us?

  • To complete treatments for our international patients in less time, we can use our in-house tooth laboratory and a laboratory specialist. We know our international patients may have limited staying time in Turkey.

  • The Hospitadent Hospitals are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Thus, patients are able to consult with specialist doctors at any time they wish or need.

  • We offer warranty in all our services, so no cheap or low quality materials are being used in Hospitadent Hospitals. Only the well-known, tested and reliable German or European products are being used for implants.

  • The Hospitadent Hospitals employ full time specialist dentists and dentistry personnel who are fluent in Arabic, English, German and Dutch languages. Dental implants

  • Hospitadent Hospitals are providing oral & dental health services with general anaesthesia especially for infants, handicapped persons or persons with excessive dental phobia for whom dental treatment cannot otherwise be performed under normal conditions.

  • The international patients have  special floors reserved.

  • Hospitadent Hospitals have been awarded ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Systems Certificates and are proving their world class oral & dental health services by periodic quality assurance inspections.

We love to make you smile




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