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IVF-ICSI With Egg Donation Package in Tbilisi Georgia

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Package Price : $9250

Treatment :Fertility Treatment

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Package Details

In Vitro Fertility Clinic Georgia

IVF - ICSI With Egg Donation Package in Georgia

IVF - ICSI With Egg Donation Package

In Vitro Fertility Clinic in Georgia is a medical center focused on Infertility and Fertility Treatments. With our group of fertility experts working under the same goal, and offering you the highest success rates possible, you can be sure you’ll be in good hands. So far over 3,000 babies have been born healthy in Georgia and around the world with our help, and we’re proud of it!

IVF-ICSI With Egg Donation Package in Georgia


Egg donation requires in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or ICSI. This means that the eggs are fertilized, for a donor when male partner has a low sperm count; then the embryo will be grown in a laboratory.

The female partner will be inseminated with the donated egg and the sperm of her donor or male partner, producing a child who is genetically related to the male partner and the egg donor. Our Egg Donation Program, works under total anonymity.

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In Vitro Fertility Clinic Georgia

IVF Egg Donation Package Price - PlacidWay

Package Details:

Fertility Package Details

  • Donor Medications  - 1,800$       
  • Donor Examinations   -  350$   
  • Agency Fee  -   2,000$      
  • Medication for patient after embryo transfer (up to pregnancy confirmation - 500$                                                        
  • Contract+Notary  (Donor) - 500$
  • Examinations for patient  - 350$
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF+ICSI)  - 3,750$

Why choose In Vitro Clinic Georgia?

Why choose In Vitro Clinic Georgia?

  • Because we’ve cared about all our patients in the over 17 years of experience we hold, and we'll care the same way for you.
  • Because we believe than in terms of respecting the importance of family building and the integrity of an individual, we must make decisions according to ethical principles and the best interests of those we serve, our patients.
  • Because of our high-technology facilities and equipment.


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