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Surrogacy for Straigth Couples in Tbilisi Georgia

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Package Price : $28950

Treatment :Fertility Treatment

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Location : 2/6 Lubliana Str. Tbilisi, Georgia

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Package Details

Surrogacy for Straight Couples

Surrogacy for Straight Couples in Tbilisi, Georgia

Our Surrogacy Package in Georgia, comprehends various procedures, such as IVF or ICSI to be chosen according your and your partner’s specific needs.

On the other hand, we must clarify than our Surrogacy Program is much more than a fertility treatment, even when legally it’s defined as a treatment in which a surrogate carries the baby of another individual of couple, we believe than she’s the woman who helps our future parents to become a family.

IVF Surrogates are women who will carry the egg and sperm of a couple, and even when she’ll carry the child, she is no related to the child in any way. Our Surrogacy Program, is legal and according to the current legislation of our country.

Benefits of surrogacy

  • Increased success rate
  • Offers the couple dealing with infertility a chance to conceive
  • Affordable price
  • Offers the couple the chance to start a family

Cost, inclusions, exclusions

Total Surrogacy Package fee

First transfer - made upon signing of contract

SM Examination

SM Medication before and after embryo transfer (up to pregnancy confirmation) 

Medication for patient (during stimulation)

Examinations for patient

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF+ICSI)

Agency Fee (surrogate

Notary + Contracts

Second transfer - made after pregnancy confirmation

Cost of Medication (during pregnancy) + pregnancy care+ child birth

Surrogate Mother Fee

SM Fee for the embryo transfer

SM monthly fee 300$ per month

SM Overall compensation (within 7-15 days of child birth)

















  • Donor medications
  • Donor examinations
  • Agency fees
  • Patients medication after embryo transfer
  • Contract and notary services
  • Patient’s examinations


  • PGD
  • Twins pregnancy
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Other specialists consultations
  • Premature birth medical expenses
  • Travel arrangements
  • Extra hotel accommodation
  • Intendent parents must be legally married

Why choose In Vitro Clinic Georgia?

  • Because we believe in further enhance a holistic approach to reproductive care.
  • Because we work hard every day to provide our patients with satisfaction in the fertility treatments they undergo.
  • Because we are a leading group of experienced fertility specialists and warm & capable nurses; we hold over 17 years of experience.
  • Because of our State-of-the-art Equipment & facilities.

If you want to know more about the Surrogacy package for straight couples, please contact us!

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