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Prostate Robotic Surgery At IEO - Milan, Italy


The Program was born from the desire to achieve a multidisciplinary and translational approach in the management of patients with prostate cancer, moving quickly and efficiently scientific discoveries into clinical practice, through the identification and validation of new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic biomarkers. The program according to ongoing development of well-timed prevention and individual therapy-planning, aims to build an integrated approach to urological cancer patients’ care, reducing the risk of “overdiagnosis” or drug toxicity, improving quality of life without a deep impact on the health budget.

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At the European Institute of Oncology, we have a specialized team for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer that integrates medical and nursing competencies to guarantee 360° disease management to the patient, who is at the center of the therapeutic process with an active role at each step. In order to select the appropriate treatment, the patient diagnosed with prostate cancer is evaluated by considering the prognostic factors related to cancer. Localized prostate cancer can be treated with:


At IEO, we had a great development of robotic surgery, as it was the more frequent surgical treatment for prostate cancer. Robotic surgery offers better perioperative outcomes: blood loss, catheterization, surgical time, comparing to the open surgery. Being between pioneers of functional imaging studies gave us the opportunity of developing a state-of-the-art techniques in Magnetic Resonance as the Multi-parametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mp-MRI) in Prostate, which is the current most advance technique in the study of this organ. It has shown the potential to influence the decision to preserve neurovascular bundles and the extent of surgical margins in robotic prostatectomy


If required, Lymphadenectomy could be done during the same surgery according to the surgeon advise.

Radiotherapy course consists of 3-5 fractions, the Division has the latest equipment available for the highprecision radiotherapy like Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT, including dynamic arc IMRT using RapidArc technology.

In case with Prostate Cancer, treatment could be performed with: 

  • Cyberknife System - This is a miniature linac dedicated to robot-assisted radiosurgery i.e. delivery of a single high dose of radiation, stereotactically directed to the target. Robotic arm enables thesystem to deliver radiation from many different directions, verifying instantaneously the target position. This non-invasive, frameless, high precision (submillimetric accuracy) approach allows delivery of the ablative dose to any part of the human body.
  • Vero System - This is the world's first real-time dynamic tracking irradiation system that is capable of accurately tracking the position of tumors that move inside patient's body due to respiration, forexample, and thereby enables highly precise, uninterrupted X-ray irradiation to the targeted tumor. In a short time irradiation can be precisely delivered to several moving targets.

Pharmacological and Hormonal therapy

Testosterone produced by the male testes stimulates the growth of prostate cancer. Hormone therapy tries to counteract this action by slowing down or blocking the testosterone synthesis (androgen deprivation).

Hormonal treatment can be carried out with different strategies:

Surgical removal of both testicles (bilateral orchiectomy). It allows to achieve the best results in the shortest time, permanently reducing the circulating testosterone levels. Obviously, from a psychological point of view, this approach is difficult for the patient to accept, which is the reason that nowadays, unless the patient himself prefers this drastic solution for avoiding to constantly receive treatments, surgery is reserved for urgent cases, where it is necessary to quickly lower testosterone levels in order to reduce bone metastases compression on the spinal cord (spinal compression).

Bones are the predominant and sometimes the only sites of distant metastases of prostate cancer. Therefore specific treatment of bone metastases in prostate cancer plays a very important role, and aims at controlling pain, and preventing skeletal complications. The treatments of bone disease use drugs such as bisphosphonates.

Pharmacological therapy with different types of drugs that can reduce testosterone levels in the blood. The treatment may be continuous or with short interruption periods (intermittent therapy), to reduce the impact of side effects.

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Good Candidate for Prostate Robotic Surgery At IEO Italy


Men who are diagnosed with a localized prostate cancer are candidates for this procedure. Most patients who are candidates for open surgery would have an excellent outcome with this procedure. Good candidates for surgery to treat prostate cancer have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Good health
  • No spread of cancer to bone
  • Tumor confined to the prostate gland (stage T1 and T2)
  • Under the age of 70
  • Expected to live another 10 years or longer

Are you at risk of prostate cancer?

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IEO is permanently researching innovative surgical procedures to enhance the efficiency of prostate cancer treatments and to increase the success rates of prostate cancer surgery, while preserving the integrity of the man’s body.

Day 1: Pre-Admission
Day 2-3: Surgery and hospitalization
Day 4: Discharge
Day 8-10: Histological Examinations
Day 10-12: Multidisciplinary Consult; Medication

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In order to maximize the surgery efficacy and the patient quality of life, the focus of the Urology Program is on the mini-invasive techniques. The Division of Urology stands out for the robotic surgery of the kidney and the prostate and in this facility is where the prostate robotic procedure is performed by a medical team formed by urology surgeons, a pathologist and a radiologist.

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Prostate Cancer Robotic Surgery Advantages - Milan, Italy


Robotic prostate cancer surgery offers several advantages over the traditional laparoscopic surgical method of treating prostate cancer when objectively compared in the following areas:

  • Clinically Superior Results
  • Reduced Risk of Complications
  • Quicker Recovery Period
  • Minimal Scarring

The price includes besides the surgery, hospitalization, examinations and medication a few EXTRA SERVICES:

  • Single patient room (with an additional bed for the attendant)
  • Free Wireless Access (room and hospital premises)
  • Transfer from/ to the Airport
  • Interpreter assistance during entry and exit visit
  • Easy communication approach

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  • Provides each patient with the most advanced experimental treatments
  • Ensures the best practice in the diagnosis and treatment available
  • Promotes of the development of clinical research and innovation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • Permanently improves of the quality of medical care

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