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Package Price : $2800

Treatment :Fertility Treatment

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Package Details

IVF Procedure Istanbul, Turkey

IVF procedure at Acibadem in Istanbul, Turkey

In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF for short, is the fertility procedure that consists of the fertilization of an egg with sperm outside the body and then implanting it into the womb. This type of procedure is used in order to help patients that cannot conceive on their own. Making the decision of starting an IVF cycle depends greatly on the patient’s general health state, pregnancy history and many others. After careful consultations with a specialized doctor, he may advice the starting or not of such a treatment.

Benefits of IVF Procedure:

  • Overcoming infertility related issues
  • Older patients or patients with lower ovarian reserves can benefit
  • Dispensing with the problem of premature ovarian failure
  • Menopausal women can benefit from IVF procedures

Procedures and Clinics

Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey

Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey

In Vitro Fertilization Program

First IVF treatment - $2,800

Package includes:

  • Monitoring ovarian stimulation (Ultrasonography and hormonal assessment)    
  • ICSI (Routinely)
  • Assisted Hatching by laser (Team gives the decision for the necessity)   
  • First and second pregnancy test- β HCG test      
  • First ultrasonography in pregnancy (To confirm gestational sac)
  • Medications (It changes according to the patients ovarian reserve) - $556-$780

Second IVF treatment - $2,450

Third IVF treatment - $2,000

The Acibadem clinic in Turkey is one of the most highly regarded medical facilities both by local and international patients alike. It’s highly skilled team of medical professionals and state of the art equipment make it one of the most renowned healthcare facilities in the world. Their comprehensive treatments are tailor suited to fit the needs of all their patients according to their specific needs.

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