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IVF Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey - Cost & Packages

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In Vitro Fertilization in Istanbul, Turkey by Top Clinics

IVF in Istanbul, Turkey

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a significant step towards expanding a family for many individuals and couples facing fertility challenges. Istanbul, Turkey, has emerged as a leading destination for those seeking IVF treatments, offering a blend of advanced medical technologies, experienced fertility specialists, and cost-effective treatment options.

This guide aims to navigate you through the intricacies of undergoing IVF in Istanbul, shedding light on the factors influencing the cost, the range of available treatments, and what to expect during your fertility journey in this historic and culturally rich city. Whether you're drawn by the affordability, the high success rates, or the opportunity to combine treatment with travel, this guide will provide you with essential insights to make informed decisions on your path to parenthood.

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An Overview of the IVF Treatment in Turkey and Its Significance

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is the fertility procedure that consists of the fertilization of an egg with sperm outside the body and then implanting it into the womb. This type of procedure is used in order to help patients that cannot conceive on their own. Making the decision of starting an IVF cycle depends greatly on the patient’s general health state, pregnancy history and many other reasons. After careful consultations, a specialized doctor may advise you to start the procedure.

Turkey, with its strategic location bridging Europe and Asia, has been historically significant in many aspects. In the modern era, this significance has transcended to the medical field, particularly in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Among the many medical marvels the country boasts, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments stand out due to their blend of advanced technology, expertise, and affordability.

  • The Rise of IVF in Turkey: Over the past decade, Turkey has swiftly emerged as a hub for fertility treatments. This rise can be attributed to the nation's heavy investment in medical infrastructure and training. The country now boasts some of the world's most advanced IVF clinics, equipped with the latest technologies. Renowned experts who've trained globally lead these clinics, ensuring that patients receive world-class treatment. Moreover, the government's proactive role in standardizing and regulating the procedures further instills confidence among potential parents.
  • Affordability and Accessibility: One of Turkey's major strengths in the realm of IVF is its cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. Couples seeking IVF treatments often find that Turkey provides an affordable alternative to western nations without cutting corners in terms of medical standards. Moreover, the ease of travel, with numerous direct flights and no stringent visa requirements for many nationalities, makes Turkey an accessible destination for IVF tourism.
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Holistic Care: Beyond the technical and financial aspects, IVF treatments demand a deep understanding of cultural and emotional nuances. Turkish clinics have evolved to offer a holistic approach to care. Emphasizing mental and emotional well-being alongside medical procedures, these clinics often incorporate counseling and support groups, ensuring that patients feel understood, valued, and supported throughout their journey.
  • Significance in the Global Landscape: Turkey's role in global IVF treatments is not just limited to being a service provider. The country is actively involved in research, often partnering with international institutions to further the science of fertility treatments. This dedication to progress has placed Turkey on the global map as a significant player in IVF advancements.

If you are looking for effective IVF  package abroad, you can visit Istanbul, Turkey. The location offers best IVF treatments at an affordable price.

Cost of IVF in Istanbul, Turkey

IVF Treatment Cost in Istanbul, Turkey

The cost of IVF treatment in Istanbul, Turkey, typically ranges from approximately $2,800 to $6,000. This range can vary based on individual medical needs, the use of additional assisted reproductive technologies, and the specific clinic and specialist chosen for the procedure.

The factors include the use of additional treatments or techniques such as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), PGD/PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening), the need for donor eggs or sperm, and the number of IVF cycles.

Additionally, the experience of the fertility specialists and the reputation of the clinic can also play a significant role in the overall cost. Prospective patients should inquire about what is included in the quoted price, such as medication, hormonal treatments, and any necessary follow-up consultations, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the total investment required for their IVF journey in Istanbul.

Turkey IVF Packages


IVF Cost in Istanbul Turkey

Prof. Dr. Nilgun Turhan Fertility Clinic


Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals


Jinepol IVF Clinic


Cevre Hospital


Note: Final prices are determined after physical evaluation and laboratory report analysis. Any additional medication, tests, and/or other medical condition the doctor may diagnose during the procedure will be at an additional cost.



Affordable Clinics for IVF in Istanbul Turkey

In Istanbul, Turkey, renowned for combining advanced medical practices with compassionate care, several IVF clinics stand out for their exceptional service, high success rates, and innovative treatments in the realm of fertility. Here are some of the best clinics known for their excellence in IVF and assisted reproductive technologies:

Prof. Dr. Nilgun Turhan Fertility Clinic

Esteemed for its personalized approach, this clinic, led by the highly respected Prof. Dr. Nilgun Turhan, offers tailored fertility treatments utilizing the latest advancements in reproductive technology.

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals

Part of a prestigious healthcare group, Global Florence hospitals boast a comprehensive IVF program backed by cutting-edge technology, multidisciplinary expertise, and a patient-centered approach to fertility care.

Jinepol IVF Clinic

Known for its high success rates and individualized treatment plans, Jinepol clinic combines scientific excellence with a deep understanding of the emotional journey of fertility treatments, guided by a team of seasoned specialists.

Cevre Hospital

With a long history of fertility success, Cevre Hospital provides best ivf treatment in Istanbul Turkey with a full range of assisted reproductive treatments, in a state-of-the-art facility, supported by experienced professionals dedicated to helping patients achieve their dream of parenthood.

Factors that Affect Package Price of Fertility Treatment

You may find that same provider is offering different package prices for IVF in Istanbul, Turkey. This happens due to relative factors such as:

  • Premature ovarian failure (menopause)
  • Very poor egg quality
  • Poor response to ovarian stimulation
  • Very low antral follicle counts on ultrasound
  • Advanced female age, such as over about 39-40

Length of Stay: 4-6 weeks.

In Vitro Fertilization Package Inclusions in Istanbul Turkey

  • Patient examination
  • Patient stimulation including medications
  • Partner sperm collection and freezing if needed
  • Oocyte retrieval
  • Embryo culture to blastocyst stage
  • Embryo freezing, storage for one year
  • All legal and organizational fees (including agency fees, notaries, contracts, birth registration etc.)
  • Embryo transfer (1-3 embryos per transfer)
  • Physiologically progressing pregnancy care + all medications needed.

In Vitro Fertilization Package Exclusions in Istanbul Turkey

  • Medications at home
  • Hotel or recovery house
  • Preoperative lab work
  • Airfare

List of Required Pre-Op Tests for IVF

  • Follicular evaluation
  • Tubal patency test
  • Ultrasound scan

Note: The laboratory tests are done at least 7-10 days prior to the procedure. The particular tests are prescribed after a complete physical evaluation of the patient.

Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Bank Transfer

Note: The center may require a money deposit once a patient decides to book the surgery.

Why Choose IVF in Istanbul, Turkey?

Istanbul, the historic city that straddles two continents, offers much more than its breathtaking landscapes and rich tapestry of culture. When it comes to medical tourism, particularly IVF treatments, Istanbul is rapidly becoming the go-to destination for couples worldwide. Here's why choosing IVF in Istanbul, Turkey, might be an excellent decision for you:

  • World-class Medical Facilities: Istanbul is home to some of the world's most advanced IVF clinics, equipped with cutting-edge technology. These clinics follow international standards of care, ensuring that you receive top-notch treatment in line with global best practices.
  • Expertise at its Best: The city boasts a roster of highly trained fertility specialists. Many of these experts have received training or collaborated with leading institutions globally, bringing a blend of international knowledge and localized experience.
  • Cost-Effective Treatments: One of the most compelling reasons to choose IVF in Istanbul is the cost advantage. While maintaining high medical standards, the treatments in Istanbul are significantly more affordable than in Western Europe, North America, or other parts of the world.
  • Holistic and Compassionate Care: The journey of IVF can be emotionally taxing. Recognizing this, clinics in Istanbul offer holistic care that extends beyond medical procedures. From counseling to post-treatment support, the approach is comprehensive and compassionate.
  • Cultural and Geographic Allure: Undergoing IVF treatment can be stressful, but the beauty and serenity of Istanbul can provide a soothing backdrop. Between treatments, couples can immerse themselves in the city's rich history, indulge in delectable Turkish cuisine, or simply relax by the Bosphorus.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Istanbul's position as a major global transit hub makes it easily accessible. The city's advanced infrastructure, combined with numerous direct international flights and easy visa processes for many countries, makes the journey convenient for medical tourists.
  • Language and Communication: Many clinics in Istanbul cater to international patients and, as such, have multilingual staff. This ensures smooth communication, allowing patients to discuss their concerns and understand the procedures without any language barriers.
  • Ethical and Regulated Practices: The Turkish government and medical associations have set strict guidelines and regulations for IVF clinics, ensuring ethical and safe practices. Patients can be assured of transparency and integrity in their treatment.

IVF in Istanbul offers a harmonious blend of medical excellence, financial advantages, and a chance to experience one of the world's most enchanting cities. For those considering IVF, Istanbul stands out as a beacon of hope and excellence.

Benefits of In Vitro Fertilization Procedure  in Istanbul Turkey

  • Overcoming infertility related issues
  • Older patients or patients with lower ovarian reserves can benefit
  • Dispensing with the problem of premature ovarian failure
  • Menopausal women can benefit from IVF procedures

When couples are having problems with conceiving a child, sometimes the only option is to go for some type of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Choosing IVF for having a genetically connected baby is a major decision in any couples life. It takes a lot for them to actually accept the fact that they will not able to have babies in a normal way and move towards assisted programs like IVF.

Infertility is a problem that many couples struggle with nowadays. Along with the strong desire of having a complete family and giving birth to the baby that would fill your life with love and happiness, more and more people are seeking for solutions.

Procedure of IVF Treatment in Turkey

The journey towards parenthood through IVF in Turkey follows a well-defined and meticulously orchestrated process that combines medical expertise, technology, and personalized care. Here's a step-by-step overview of the typical IVF procedure in Turkey:

  • Initial Consultation: The process begins with an initial consultation where you meet with a fertility specialist. During this consultation, your medical history, lifestyle factors, and any previous fertility treatments are discussed. This forms the foundation for creating a personalized treatment plan.
  • Ovarian Stimulation: To enhance the chances of success, the woman's ovaries are stimulated using hormone medications. This stimulates the growth of multiple eggs, which are crucial for the IVF process.
  • Egg Retrieval: Once the eggs are deemed mature, a minor surgical procedure called egg retrieval (follicular aspiration) is performed under anesthesia. Using ultrasound guidance, a thin needle is inserted into the ovaries to extract the eggs.
  • Sperm Collection: On the same day as the egg retrieval or just before it, the male partner provides a sperm sample. If needed, previously frozen sperm can also be used.
  • Fertilization: The collected eggs and sperm are combined in a laboratory dish for fertilization. This can be done through conventional IVF or a more advanced method called Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), where a single sperm is injected directly into each egg.
  • Embryo Culture: The fertilized eggs (embryos) are cultured in a controlled environment for a few days. During this period, the embryologists monitor their development to select the healthiest embryos for transfer.
  • Embryo Transfer: The selected embryos are transferred into the woman's uterus. This is a relatively simple procedure that doesn't require anesthesia. The number of embryos transferred depends on factors like the woman's age and embryo quality.
  • Waiting Period and Pregnancy Test: Following the embryo transfer, there's a waiting period of about 10 to 14 days. A pregnancy test is then conducted to determine if the procedure was successful.
  • Follow-Up Care: If the pregnancy test is positive, you'll continue to receive care from your fertility clinic for the first few weeks to monitor the pregnancy's progress. If successful, you'll be referred to an obstetrician for prenatal care.

Throughout the entire procedure, the medical team closely monitors your progress. The process is not just medical; it's also an emotional journey where clinics in Turkey often provide counseling and support to help couples navigate the rollercoaster of emotions. This comprehensive approach ensures that every patient receives not only the best medical care but also the emotional support they need during this significant chapter of their lives.

How to Reach Istabul, Turkey for Fertility Treatment?

It is quite easy to get in Istanbul, Turkey, as the city is located at the junction of all major highways and railways connecting the country with the rest of the world.  Istanbul New Airport is connected with all major cities across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about IVF Treatment in Turkey

Embarking on the journey of IVF treatment in Turkey might bring forth numerous questions. Here, we address some of the most common queries to provide you with a clearer understanding of what to expect:

How Successful is IVF in Turkey?

IVF success rates can vary based on several factors, including the woman's age, medical history, and the clinic's expertise. Generally, clinics in Turkey boast competitive success rates, often on par with international standards.

Are IVF Clinics in Turkey Regulated?

Yes, IVF clinics in Turkey are regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. They must adhere to strict guidelines and standards to ensure patient safety and ethical practices.

What Makes Turkey an Attractive Destination for IVF?

Turkey offers a combination of advanced medical technology, experienced fertility specialists, affordable treatments, and a chance to explore a culturally rich destination.

Are the Doctors and Staff English-Speaking?

Many IVF clinics in Turkey cater to international patients and have English-speaking doctors and staff. This ensures effective communication throughout the treatment journey.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for IVF Treatment?

The duration of your stay depends on the specific IVF protocol. Generally, you might need to stay for around two weeks, including pre-treatment assessments, ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, and the initial recovery period.

What is the Cost of IVF in Turkey Compared to Other Countries?

IVF treatments in Turkey are known for their affordability without compromising quality. The cost can be significantly lower than in Western Europe or North America.

Is IVF Treatment Covered by Insurance in Turkey?

IVF treatments are not usually covered by Turkish national health insurance. However, some clinics might have arrangements with certain insurance providers or offer package deals that include multiple cycles.

Can I Combine IVF Treatment with Tourism in Turkey?

Absolutely! Many couples choose to combine their IVF treatment with a memorable vacation in Turkey. The country's rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes make it an attractive destination.

Is IVF Treatment Safe?

IVF is generally considered safe when performed by experienced professionals in regulated clinics. However, like any medical procedure, there are potential risks and side effects. Your doctor will discuss these with you during your consultation.

What is the Waiting Time for IVF Treatment in Turkey?

Waiting times can vary based on the clinic's schedule and your specific treatment plan. Generally, clinics aim to provide timely treatment, and your doctor will provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Final Thoughts

Choosing IVF treatment in Turkey is not just a medical decision; it's an opportunity to realize your dreams of parenthood in a destination that combines excellence in healthcare with the allure of a cultural tapestry. The journey may be filled with questions and uncertainties, but Turkey's IVF clinics stand ready to guide you with their expertise, compassion, and advanced technology.

As you navigate this path, you'll find yourself embraced by a holistic approach that addresses both your medical needs and emotional well-being. The success stories that have emerged from IVF treatments in Turkey paint a picture of hope, resilience, and the fulfillment of long-awaited aspirations.

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