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Stem Cell Therapy for Type1 Diabetes & Type 2 in Germany

Dr. Siebenhuener Vilbeler Landstrasse 45b, Frankfurt, Germany

Package Price : $18000

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

By : German International Clinic

Location : Dr. Siebenhuener Vilbeler Landstrasse 45b Frankfurt, Germany

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Package Details

 Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in Frankfurt, Germany

Stem Cell Therapy Diabetes Germany

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that evolves and manifests itself by increased blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. The patient feels the need to drink plenty of fluids, has increased appetite and frequent urination.

The common symptoms of diabetes are weight loss, increased urination and thirst, and increased hunger–they may develop rapidly in type 1 Diabetes and much more slowly, even subtle or absent in type 2 diabetes. Long-term complications typically develop after many years but may also be the first symptoms for those patients that did not have a diagnosis before that time. They include damage to blood vessels, to the eyes, kidneys, and nerves.

Diabetes refers to a family of diseases where the body is unable to effectively produce or use insulin, the hormone required to convert food into energy. The cause of diabetes is not known, and so far, there is no cure. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States today.

According to the American Diabetes Association, "there are 23.6 million children and adults in the United States, or 7.8% of the population, who have diabetes. While an estimated 17.9 million have been diagnosed with diabetes, unfortunately, 5.7 million people (or nearly one quarter) are unaware that they have the disease.

Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment Overview

The first step of the treatment will be a brief consultation with one of the clinic's specialists. After that, the blood will be collected (1 test-tube).

Our clinic uses autologous stem cells. They are collected from the patient's blood, are derived and injected subsequently. After the procedure, the patient can leave the clinic because the stem cell treatment itself will not take more than about one hour.

Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes Cost  in Frankfurt, Germany


At the German International Clinic (Frankfurt, Germany), the price for Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes starts at $18,000


  • Procedure
  • Gaining Stem Cells
  • Anesthesiologist


  • Plane tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Personal expenses
  • Appointment with Dr. Gerhard Siebenhüner (140 EURO for half an hour)

Treatment Plan

  • Children should be at least 14 years old
  • The patient should stay for one week:
  • Day 1 - consultation and maybe some diagnosis (the first consultation is included in price)
  • Day 2 - stem cell harvest from bone marrow or fat. First IV stem cell treatment
  • 2 or 3 days later - another IV infusion of stem cells

In some less severe cases, 2 days and only one IV stem cell infusion might be sufficient - $9,665 (8,700 EUR).

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

  • Can improve disease-related symptoms
  • It’s a safe treatment
  • Has no side effects
  • A significant decrease (or normalization) of blood sugar levels
  • A significant decrease in dosage (or complete stoppage) of diabetes medications (including insulin)
  • significantly reduced risk of developing future complications of diabetes, such as gangrene, blindness, stroke, kidney failure, heart attack etc.
  • A decrease in blood pressure in those having high blood pressure
  • significantly reduced risk of developing future complications of diabetes

Why Choose Us?

German International Clinic (located in Frankfurt, Germany) provides a comfortable and friendly environment to all of its patients.
The centre’s welcoming highly trained and experienced medical team uses the latest equipment and supplies together with up-to-date, safe and successful therapies.
With a patient-oriented approach, the clinic customizes treatment packages in accordance to each and everyone’s specific wishes and needs.

Know all about the stem cell therapy package for diabetes offered by German International Clinic! Get in touch with us!

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Stem Cell Therapy is still an experimental treatment. Any information related to stem cell therapy provided on this website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with a licensed physician nor be construed as medical advice or any emergency health need you may be expecting. 

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