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Smile Enhancing Dental Crowns in Croatia

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Package Price : $180

Treatment :Dentistry

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Smile Enhancing Dental Crowns in Croatia

Smile Enhancing Dental Crowns in Croatia

Dental Crowns Overview

Dental crowns are an efficient and safe procedure meant to cover (wrap) the visible part of a damaged tooth. There are certain conditions that have to be met so that the dentist is able to attach the crowns on the patient’s tooth:

  • the doctor has to grind the tooth prior to the procedure
  • the tooth needs to be healthy or properly treated previously
  • the tooth doesn’t have to be mobile
  • the tooth has to be strong enough to support the crown.

Dental crowns have certain functions:

  • aesthetic function – has to match the shape, size and colour of adjacent teeth
  • chewing function - the crown has to be shaped so that the chewing be natural and comfortable
  • phonetics function
  • resistance - to maintain or improve the tooth’s strength.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Aesthetical and functional tooth restoration
  • Time saving: the procedure doesn’t require countless visits to the dentist
  • The patients get used with the dental crowns very fast.

Cost of the Dental Crowns Package

The dental crowns package’s price is based on the dental materials used:

  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown: from $180
  • Full Porcelain/Ceramic Crown: from $340
  • Zirconia Crown: from$370.  
The clinic is offering: 
  • Free shuttle from Zagreb (Airport) 
  • Affordable prices for top notch hotel near the clinic.

Why Choose Us?

  • The procedure is performed by a highly trained and experienced medical team
  • The clinic customizes the protocol(s) and package(s) according to each patient’s specific needs
  • Both the laboratory work and the dental practice take place in one single, fully featured building, which leads to a better communication, time saving and an increased efficiency
  • The clinic uses the latest technology, supplies and high quality materials
  • The center is designed so that all the patients feel comfortable and welcome.

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