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Package Price : $21425

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

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Location : #12 Tiantan Nanli, Dongcheng District Beijing, China

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Parkinson's disease treatment in Puhua, Beijing


Parkinson's Disease Treatment in Beijing, China

Due to its great investments in medical infrastructure and the cultural striving of Chinese doctors to achieve perfection, China has been propelled upwards when talking about providing medical services. Also, they offer highly-specialized, experienced doctors who are ready to accept even the most difficult cases. Patients who are looking for treatments for Parkinson’s disease should definitely take a look at Puhua, Beijing, as they offer treatments and attention to detail that are not available elsewhere.

The treatment for Parkinson’s disease is conducted using hRPE (Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial) Stem Cells, which are adult multi-potent stem cells, found in the retina of the eye. These cells’ original function is to produce Dopamine which has a role in the pigmentation process inside the retina. We inject the stem cells/hPRE cells into the brain using stereotactic operation.

Because of their function, the hRPE cells are a new and one of the most promising solutions for patients who suffer from degeneration of their Dopamine-producing cells due to Parkinson’s. hRPE cells are able to replace damaged dopamine-producing neurons in the nigrostriatal pathway and be a source for producing dopamine in an increased manner, thus promoting functional recovery in Parkinson's patients.

While it is still impossible for the treatment to completely remove all symptoms of the disease, it is possible to greatly reduce the tremors, muscle tension and rigidity, improve slurred speech, movement initiation and balance, improve movement continuity, increase muscle strength, reduce the freeze-ups and strengthen the body in general.

Benefits of Parkinson's Disease Treatment in Beijing, China

  • Easier life with Parkinson’s
  • Removal of most symptoms
  • Relatively low cost
  • High success rate in diminishing the symptoms
  • Painless procedure


At Beijing Puhua International Hospital the price for Parkinson's Disease Treatment starts at $21,425. 

1. 150,000 RMB or 21425 USD -2 weeks,  3 stem cell transplantation procedures, via lumbar puncture or IV injection (4 doses in total)
2. 180,000 RMB or 25710 USD-3 weeks, 4 stem cell transplantation procedures, via lumbar puncture or IV injection (5 doses in total)
If 4 weeks, cost will be 205,000 RMB or $29,250

Why choose us?

  • Highly experienced doctors
  • High success rates
  • Professionalism
  • High-quality facilities


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