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Standard Treatment Program for Organ Specific Stem Cell Therapy

1, Olympic Street, Ozdorovchy Quarter, Khodosiyivka, Kyivo-Svyatoshynsky District, Kyiv Oblast, Kiev, Ukraine

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Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

By : Infinity Clinic

Location : 1, Olympic Street, Ozdorovchy Quarter, Khodosiyivka, Kyivo-Svyatoshynsky District, Kyiv Oblast Kiev, Ukraine

Focus Area: Stem Cell Therapy | Regenerative Medicine | Chronic Illness in Body Organs | Cell Rejuvenation Therapy | Organ Specific Stem Cell Therapy | Cost of Stem Cell Therapy | Kiev, Ukraine

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Package Details

Standard Treatment Program

Standard Stem Cell Treatment Program in Kiev, Ukraine

Fetal Stem Cells are important components to be utilized to renew and regenerate body organs in patients suffering from various critical illness. Infinity Clinic uses the stem cells to repair corresponding organs of the patients through organ-specific therapy.

What is the prime advantage of organ-specific therapy by using stem cells at Infinity Clinic?

The most important benefit that you can get at Infinity Clinic for organ-specific therapy is that we complete the immunomodulation procedure before executing the fetal stem cell-based therapy. The immunomodulation procedure is an internally developed method that helps to prevent the fetal cells to be rejected as it hits the body immunity system of the patient.

What is the chronic illness those are addressed with organ-specific therapy by using stem cells at Infinity Clinic?

The chronic illnesses addressed with organ-specific therapy by using stem cells at Infinity Clinic are:

  • Liver Cirrhosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Osteoarthritis       
  • Unique Sport Rehabilitation
  • Hypertension
  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Autism
  • Aging
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • DiabetesMellitus

Doctors at Infinity Clinic are focused to provide personalized treatment packages for people suffering from severe complications like diabetes, diabetic-neuropathy, retinopathy or nephropathy. We have specifically designed treatment procedures for multiple organ-specific stem cells to provide maximum benefits to our patients. This does not allow any escalation to the complications the patients already are dealing with.

People suffering from the following ailments are benefitted from our customized packages for organ-specific therapy by using stem cells:

  • Hematopoetic cells of fetal liver for induction of immune-tolerance;
  • Pancreatic cells of the same fetus for treatment of diabetes
  • Neural cells of the same fetus for treatment of neuropathy
  • Cells of eye rudiment of the same fetus for retinopathy
  • Cells of the primary kidney of the same fetus for treatment of nephropathy

It is important to read here that, fetal stem cells, derived at the time of 8 to 20 weeks of development, do not create conflict with the body immunity when injected in the body unlike embryonic stem cells derived from blastocysts. Multiple experiments carried out by internal researchers and scientists of Infinity clinic have concluded this fact on every occasion.

Medical professionals at Infinity Clinic are highly qualified and experienced in successfully handling complicated cases of chronic illness. Our doctors are all recognized and popular over the country and globally as well. They are experts in designing the right medical guidance for the patients and executed with the utmost care and dedication.

Inadditiontofetalstemcell-based-therapy, Standard Treatment Program includes following medical service:

What are the features included in Standard Treatment Program?


  • Laboratory tests
  • Ultrasound of the upper abdomen, pelvis and thyroid
  • ECG

Treatment and procedures:

  • Plasmapheresis with ozone therapy and UV
  • Detox solution
  • PRP-therapy
  • Stimulation of facial muscles by microcurrents
  • Lymphatic drainage body massage
  • Abdominal massage
  • Whitening, Moisturizing or Purifying facemask

What are the additional services included in Standard Treatment Program?

The additional services include:

  • Airport-Clinic-airport transfer
  • Accommodation for the patient and 1 attendant 
  • Full board (3 meals a day) according to individual preferences of the patient and breakfast for the attendant

The prime concern behind designing Standard Treatment Program is to enhance the quality of life for people suffering from chronic illness. The treatment mainly focuses on the followings:

  • Giving better pain-free life to our patients
  • Proper functioning of the body organs
  • Stabilizing the endocrine system
  • Establishing a better hormonal balance in the body
  • Boosting the body immunity
  • Rejuvenating the body and achieving better looks

Note: Infinity Clinic provides customized treatment options for organ-specific therapy by using stem cells for every patient. We carefully examine the physical condition of the patients before finalizing the treatment plan. Packages are designed considering the existing ailments and complications of the patient.

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1, Olympic Street, Ozdorovchy Quarter, Khodosiyivka, Kyivo-Svyatoshynsky District, Kyiv Oblast


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