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Effective Full Face Fat Transfer Packages At Pretty Body Clinic, Seoul, South Korea

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Package Price : $4500

Treatment :Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

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Location : 2F,3F, 7F~9F Samhwawides Bldg. Cheongdam-dong, Hakdong-Ro, Gangman-gu Seoul Seoul, South Korea

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Effective Full Face Fat Transfer Packages At Pretty Body Clinic, Seoul, South KoreaEffective Full Face Fat Transfer Packages At Pretty Body Clinic, Seoul, South Korea

Our faces tend to lose youthful fullness as we age. It’s actually the fat in our faces that naturally decreases over time. The skin begins to sag as the facial fat loose and makes the face less voluminous. As a result of that the face appears much gaunt and also looks seemingly hollow.

It’s time to say goodbye to flat and expressionless face with the new Pretty Body Full Face Fat Graft! Get the package today to feel the confidence in any angles. Well-positioned fat in the face restores the facial features and makes the face more vibrant. Try this simple and uniquely beneficial procedure of facial fat transfer to permanently restore facial volume in a natural way.

Why Would You Select Pretty Body For Fat Graft?

Pretty Body brings you amazing features in the fat graft package. The service is rendered by qualified and experienced cosmetologists who have delivered similar services to many satisfied clients before. Expert doctors at Pretty Body Clinic utilize Pure Fat Cells only to enhance the survivability of the grafted fat. The forehead, temple, nasal bridge, cheek, nasolibial fold and receding chin are treated with the procedure to magnify the look.

The treatment package has gained popularity due to the following reasons as well:

  • Extraction of 100% pure fat tissues
  • Qualified and experienced medical professionals in this field
  • High survivability delivered over years

What Is the Cost of Full Face Fat Transfer Package?

The cost of Full Face Fat Transfer package is finalized based on the analysis of lab reports and physical check-up. However, the latest promotions are available to provide the patients with combined procedures at the most affordable price.

Rhinoplasty & Full Face Fat Transfer Packages At Pretty Body Clinic, Seoul, South KoreaLatest Promotions:

1. Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift + Full Face Fat Grafting

Valid: 01st Feb 2019 ~ 28th Feb 2019

Extract the body fat from 3 areas with mini Liposuction and transfer to your Butt and face.

Price: USD$ 8,000 - Cash or Bank Transfer

--> Additional charge will occur if the patients' weight is over 75kgs or revision case.

2. Rhinoplasty(non-surgical) + Full Face Fat Transfer

Valid Date: 20th Jan 2019 ~31st March 2019

Nose Tip/ or Nose bridge with non-surgical treatment and Full Face Fat Transfer.

Price: USD$4500 -  Cash or Bank Transfer

There will be additional charge for the revision.

What Are The Other Things Included In The Full Face Fat Transfer Package?

The package includes the followings apart from the excellent facial enhancement that it provides:

  • Touch-up service for the patients
  • Mini-liposuction along with the package
  • Expert after-surgery therapy to take care of bleeding, swelling, bruises, adhesion

What Are The Benefits Of Full Face Fat Transfer?

The benefits of Full Face Fat Transfer are:

Removal of Unwanted Facial Fat: The face appears to be slimmer and well sculpted as the unwanted facial hair is removed. Full fat transfer does the same for you and removes the impurities to prepare the face for fat balancing.

Long Lasting Effects Results: Facial fat transfer restores the required volume to the face like dermal fillers. The treatment wonderfully restores the lost volume of the facial fat. The effects obtained as a result of the procedure lasts considerably longer and almost offer a permanent rejuvenation.

Cost Effective Procedure: Full fat transfer is a much cost effective procedure as it gives a long lasting solution. It is much cost effective than the expenses related to repeated injections of dermal fillers.

Natural Appearance: Facial fat transfer gives natural fullness to the face by harvesting the fat in you.

No Scope of Internal Allergic Reaction: Full fat transfer procedure reduces the chance of an allergic reaction during the treatment as no foreign substance enters your body.

Refreshed Face: Facial fat transfer restores the lost volume in the cheeks, lips, eyes, and jaw line.  Specialists at Pretty Body rejuvenate your appearance and works to give you a supple skin, refreshed eyes and rounder cheeks.

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