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Best Packages for Liposuction Surgery at Pretty Body Clinic and Aesthetic in Seoul, South Korea

2F,3F, 7F~9F Samhwawides Bldg. Cheongdam-dong, Hakdong-Ro, Gangman-gu Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

Package Price : $6500

Treatment :Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

By : Pretty Body Clinic

Location : 2F,3F, 7F~9F Samhwawides Bldg. Cheongdam-dong, Hakdong-Ro, Gangman-gu Seoul Seoul, South Korea

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Best Packages for Liposuction Surgery at Pretty Body Clinic and Aesthetic in Seoul, South Korea

Best Packages for Liposuction Surgery at Pretty Body Clinic and Aesthetic in Seoul, South Korea

Fats can sometimes be very stubborn. You cannot manage to get rid of it even after extensive workouts and strict diet plans. Liposuction cosmetic procedure improves the shape of the body by surgically removing the fat from the hips, thighs, belly, face, arms, back, and buttocks.

Get the Liposuction Package at Pretty Body by expert dermatologic and plastic surgeons to improve your body look and posture.

Full body liposuction procedure at pretty body clinic and aesthetic help you to remove a large volume of fat from the body. The procedure is composed of three separate operations that complete the entire liposuction. This is an effective way to safely remove the appropriate amount of fat from the body.

What Are The Benefits Of Executing The Liposuction Procedure In Three Separate Surgeries?

Pretty body clinic has been in operation for more than 20 years now and has never let down any patient. It emphasizes most on the safety of the patient and, hence, the full body liposuction has been designed into three steps. The benefits of executing the liposuction procedure in three separate surgeries are:

  • Channelizing the liposuction procedure into multiple steps is effective in a customized surgery for patient satisfaction.
  • It prevents any type of side effect and complications as the sequential surgeries are performed.
  • Performing separate surgical procedures to complete the full body liposuction helps in removing appropriate fat from the body and gives effective surgical results.
  • After surgical complications like swelling, bleeding, adhesion or bruises can be effectively handled in the three-step surgical procedure.

The three in one radio laser frequency helps in improving lipolysis and cellulite of the body along with desirable size reduction. It helps in transforming the subcutaneous and uneven skin layers into even skin surface. The pure fat cells are easily extracted and the good effect of cellulite reduction and cardio exercise on the bed is achieved. In several cases thighs are reduced 8 times of the body fat mass and have been given beautiful body sculpture and cellulite.

What Is the Cost of Liposuction Package?

The cost of Full Body Liposuction is based on the analysis of lab reports and physical check-up. The charges for the back of neck, calf, and pubis are additional.

New Promotion for Upper Body Liposuction in Seoul, South KoreaNew Promotion for Upper Body Liposuction

Valid: 1st Feb 2019 ~ 8th March 2019

Get rid of the body fat on the upper body. No Limitation of fat removal amount.

Price: USD $6500 - Cash or Bank Transfer

--> Additional charge will be charged if the patients' weight is over 75kgs or revision case.

Minimally Invasive Liposuction

The large volume customizes liposuction is minimally invasive and gives you a beautiful body line. Instead of giving you a skinny body the customized body design gives you a beautiful body line. Minimal incision makes sure that the patient does not have many scars after the surgical procedure. Experience and qualified Doctors of the clinic meticulously take care of the post-surgery care program by offering:

Radiofrequency to recover the swelling and bruises by enhancing the skin elasticity

  • Minimize the size of Scars by scar laser
  • Prescribe the right supplement based on the reports of each particular position
  • Performs endermology to boost the skin elasticity
  • Lipolysis injection to reduce the number of fat cells around the injection site

Every patient reacts uniquely after the surgical procedure is over. Everybody has its own way to express the changes and accept them. Experience medical staff at pretty body clinic offers customized post-surgery care program to each individual for a faster and effective healing.


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