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Best Duodenal Switch Surgery at $9,000 in Merida, Mexico

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Package Price : $9000

Treatment :Obesity/Bariatric Surgery

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Location : Calle 26 # 199 Interior 404 x 15 y 7 Altabrisa Mérida Yucatán Merida, Mexico

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Duodenal Switch Surgery in Merida, Mexico

Best Duodenal Switch Surgery at $9,000 in Merida, Mexico

The duodenal switch procedure combines malabsorptive and restrictive weight loss surgery methods. By reducing the size of the stomach and by bypassing part of the small intestine, the procedure helps patients reduce the food intake, but also the calories intake. This surgery has proved to be very effective when it comes to losing weight and treating metabolic syndrome. Due to drastic weight loss, patients also end up controlling their associated diseases. This surgery takes place in two stages. The first stage consists of Sleeve Gastrectomy followed by Gastric Bypass after a few months.

The Duodenal Switch Procedure at Bypass Gastrico Merida

The duodenal switch procedure gets the stomach vertically divided about 80% of the stomach is removed. It will be a smaller, banana-shaped version of your stomach that will continue in its digestive functions. The pyloric valve is left in place so it continues to regulate the food transit into the small intestine.

Benefits of Duodenal Switch Procedure:

  • The amount of excess weight loss is of 75% in the first year after the procedure
  • Less restrictive on the food consumed compared to other bariatric surgeries
  • Offers the highest levels of malabsorption
  • It is recommended in the cure of high degree of Type II Diabetes
  • Cure for obstructive sleep apnea almost 99%
  • Better eating quality
  • No dumping syndrome
  • Reduces appetite and hunger
  • No increase in ulcer formation
  • Very effective for high BMI patients

Best Candidates for Duodenal Switch at Bypass Gastrico Merida

Because of duodenal switch high expected weight loss, patients will be required to meet these requirements:

  • Patients typically are required to have a body mass index of 40 or more.
  • Patients with BMI of 35 can be candidates for duodenal switch as long as they have co-morbidities including type two diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, or other diseases.

Price for Duodenal Switch at Bypass Gastrico Merida is $9,000

For Duodenal Switch surgery at Bypass Gastrico Merida, you have to pay $9,000. The cost of medical care in Western countries like the U.S. is very high. Moreover, many weight loss surgeries are not covered by insurance. Low cost of healthcare and easy approachability from the US are the two factors which make Mexico a popular destination for medical tourists looking to combat obesity surgically without spending a fortune. The average cost of weight loss surgery in Mexico could be 50% less than that in the US, even after adding the traveling expenses.

Why Choose Bypass Gastrico Merida for Duodenal Switch?

  • Personalized attention to every patient
  • Treatment will be done by the most recognized and trusted hospital
  • Hospital is fully equipped 
  • Best medical facilities
  • Excellent amenities and comfortability of patients and companion
  • Affordable cost

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