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Sex Reassignment Surgery using Scrotal Skin Graft in Bangkok Thailand

Package price starting from: $9615
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Sex Change Operation
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Sex Reassignment Surgery by Using Scrotal Skin Graft Technique in Bangkok, Thailand

Top Sex Reassignment Surgery by Using Scrotal Skin Graft Technique in Bangkok, Thailand 

Male to female sex assignment surgery is employed by providing a normal-appearing vagina, clitoris and external genitalia at the same time. This allows satisfactory sexual intercourse and achievement of orgasm. The procedure may be performed with the use of penile inversion or scrotal skin graft techniques, but the later ensures more aesthetic perfection. Nirunda Clinic Plastic Surgery brings the best Sex Reassignment Surgery by using scrotal skin graft in Bangkok, Thailand. The procedure is affordable, safe, effective and generates a high-quality result.

Sex Reassignment Surgery using Scrota Skin Graft Technique

Unlike Penile Inversion the skin graft technique carefully manages the valued skin of the penis for the natural and precise look of the vaginal opening and inner labia anatomically. This procedure ensures that the external genital appearance is aesthetically more defined and refined. 

Since this technique does not invert the penile skin into the vaginal cavity, it uses skin graft harvested from scrotal skin. This is the major skin grafting source used for the lining inside the vagina.  

What are the Benefits of Sex Reassignment Surgery?

  • Achieves the physical alignment with the self’s internal experience
  • The patient’s severe distress of the dysphoria is removed or ameliorated
  • Enables the patient to function as a whole or become a fully integrated person

What is the Cost for Sex Reassignment Surgery using Scrota Skin Graft Technique at Nirunda?

The estimated cost of Sex Reassignment Surgery using scrotal skin graft technique starts from 2,96,000 THB, which is $9,615 approximately. If the payment is made using credit card, 3% will be charged extra.

The Estimate Package Price above Includes:

  • Doctor fee (Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Anesthesiologist)
  • Pre-operation check-up with basic lab test (CBC, Electrolyte, BUN, Creatinine, EKG and Chest X-ray)
  • Operation under General Anesthesia
  • 5 nights admission in the hospital
  • 1 set of dilators
  • Prescription medication
  • Post-operative follow up 

Exclusions - Things Not Included in the Estimated Cost:

  • Airfare
  • Garments

Who is a Good Candidate for Sex Reassignment Surgery?

  • You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are under 20, permission with signature on consent is required.
  • Must have approvals from two Thai psychiatrists as per the law in Thailand. Also, you must be diagnosed with at least any of the following disorders like gender dysphoria, gender identity disorder or associated conditions.
  • Must have gone through one year of antiandrogen at least and/or female hormone and also have full-time living as a cross-gender role.

If you are interested, you need to provide your photo and medical questionnaire below for doctor's evaluation at Nirunda; 

Photos: Abdomen including genitalia only. (Without Clothing)


  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Country
  • Mobile Number
  • Required procedure
  • Expected result?
  • Do you have any underlying illness? If YES, please identify illness, treatment and current status.
  • Do you have difficulty with healing or scarring?
  • Are you currently taking ANY medications including supplements?
  • Estimated date that you would like the treatment?
  • Have you ever done any plastic surgery? If YES, please provide us the details.
  • Have you had any problems for your previous plastic surgery? If YES, please provide us the details
  • Have you experienced any accident in your concerned area before? if yes, When and What causes?
  • Are you smoking? (If “YES”, how often per week)?
  • Are you drinking? (If “YES”, how often per week)?

How did you hear about our Clinic? Comments or other requests. Please state your question for the surgeon if any. 

For Sex Change Surgery: 

  • How Long you dress up and 24 hours female real-life experience?
  • How long you take female hormone? What is the name (s)?
  • Have you ever done any surgery at genitalia (such as: Circumcision, Orchiectomy, etc.)?

Please provide us for your psychiatrist certification. Nirunda accepts only English Version. Please kindly translate for us.

Why Choose To Have Sex Reassignment Surgery Nirunda?

  • Highly prioritize patient’s safety and comfort
  • Treatment options specially tailored for the patient’s needs
  • The treatment is quick, safe and made under strict supervision
  • Safe and successful cosmetic and plastic procedures
  • Affordable prices
  • Qualified medical staff
  • Modern equipment and procedures
  • Minimal recovery time thanks to the latest methods used

Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery may be the biggest change that a person could experience. If you’re considering Sex Reassignment Surgery, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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