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Best Gastric Balloon Surgery at Quironsalud Hospital in Madrid, Spain

Package price starting from: $11400
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Balloon
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Gastric Balloon Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Obesity Surgery, Quironsalud University Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Gastric Balloon Surgery in Madrid, Spain

Best Gastric Balloon Surgery at Quironsalud University Hospital in Madrid, Spain

Gastric balloon is a reversible, incision-free, and safe weight loss procedure for obese patients. The concept is simple: a deflated soft silicone gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth, using an endoscope and without the need for surgery, and filled with liquid or air. It reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold, so the patient will feel fuller faster.

Gastric balloon aids weight loss, and it must be used in conjunction with diet, exercise and a behavior modification program. The procedure is useful if you don't meet the criteria for different types of bariatric surgery.

The balloon can be left in place for up to six months, and it is removed in the same way it was placed. Once removed, the stomach — and sometimes the patient's appetite — returns to normal. Should your doctor recommend the use of the balloon for longer than six months, the balloon must be replaced with a new one.

What is the Cost of Gastric Balloon Surgery at Quironsalud?

The cost of gastric balloon surgery at Quironsalud University Hospital is 12,600€, which is $11,400 approximately. 

Package Inclusions:

The cost includes the following:

  • 5 days stay in room
  • Material
  • Medical fees
  • 1 First consultation
  • 2 Follow-up consultations
  • Preoperative
  • Operating room (3 hours)

The amount reflected in this budget is an approximate estimate of the corresponding economic cost of the services purchased from the hospital, considering the usual services that would be required for this type of procedure. 

However, the said amount may vary depending on the evolution of the patient and/or need to modify the treatment or the application of other hospital services that were not foreseen beforehand, such as blood transfusions, administration of medications, a prolonged period of hospitalization in the ICU or on the floor, or any other service, assistance, treatment or intervention that is considered necessary for the patient. 

Complimentary tests that are considered necessary to perform are not included in the budget (except for those requested by the personnel in their budget request form), nor in any prosthesis to be implanted, if this were deemed necessary. 

Why Choose Quironsalud University Hospital?

  • Spain's leading hospital-management group and third-largest in Europe
  • Patient-driven approach and commitment to quality
  • Patients treated in their own language and provided with a case manager
  • Personalized treatment custom-made for each patient
  • Cutting-edge medical technology and advanced diagnoses/treatment
  • Highly experienced doctors and medical staff

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