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Advanced Epilepsy Surgery by Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, Spain

Package price starting from: $70560
Treatment: Neurology, Epilepsy
Associated Center: Teknon Medical Center
Carrer de Vilana, 12, 08022 Barcelona, Spain
Focus Area: Epilepsy Surgery | Epilepsy Treatment | Seizures | Brain Functions | Teknon Medical Center | Barcelona | Spain

Advanced Epilepsy Surgery Package in Barcelona, Spain

Epilepsy Surgery in Barcelona, Spain

Advanced Epilepsy Surgery by Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, Spain

Teknon Medical Center of QuironSalud Madrid University Hospital brings the most advanced epilepsy program. They use the latest technological innovations for epilepsy surgery and diagnostic procedures targeting to achieve total absence of epileptic seizures. Get the most comprehensive range of treatment options such as:
  • Palliative Surgery
  • Resection Surgery
  • Antiepileptic Medications
  • Neurostimulation
  • Ketogenic diet

Epilepsy Surgery Unit

The Epilepsy Surgery Unit has become a leading name nationally and internationally. The super-specialization of the medical team along with advanced technology ensures good surgical results with no or minimal complications.
The major focus of the unit always remains on the diagnosis and pre-surgical
evaluation of intractable epilepsies & post-surgery follow-up

Innovative Treatment Approach

  • New surgical techniques
  • Stereo-electroencephalograph-guided radiofrequency thermo-coagulation
  • Magnetic resonance (MR) thermography-guided laser interstitial thermal therapy or Stereotactic Laser
  • Video-EEG telemetry monitoring
  • Video analysis with digitalized EEG
  • Detailed seizure analysis
  • Evoked potentials testing, and mapping of brain functions

WhTreat is the Price of the Treatment?

iAt Teknon Medical Center, the price of epilepsy surgery starts from 65,000 Euros, which is $70,560 approximately.

Epilepsy Surgery Unit- Facilities

  • Video EEG telemetry monitoring
  • Detailed Seizure Analysis, using a non-invasive EEG electrode recording for up to two days
  • Specialized neuroimaging for epilepsy
  • Evoked potential testing and mapping of brain functions
  • Language mapping and hemispheric lateralization
  • Comprehensive neurological evaluation
  • Special neuroasthenia for epilepsy
  • Neurosurgery via neuronavigation system with virtual 3D brain imaging
  • Micro-neurosurgery amenities in the operating room
  • State of the art operating room that ensures asepsis and monitors all parameters of patients
  • 24 hours ICV coverage for patients with uncontrolled epilepsy, status epilepticus, trauma, etc.
  • Palliative treatments
  • Pharmacogenetic testing

Why Choose Teknon Medical Center?

  • Spain's leading hospital-management group and third-largest in Europe
  • Patient-driven approach and commitment to quality
  • Patients treated in their own language and provided with a case manager
  • Personalized treatment custom-made for each patient
  • Cutting-edge medical technology and advanced diagnoses/treatment
  • Highly experienced doctors and medical staff

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