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Smile Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey

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Affordable Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey

Smile Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey - Bergedent Clinic

Bergedent provides a cheap package for Smile Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey. Get top treatment free quotes for top centers. Bergedent Clinic is prepared to welcome all local and foreign patients who need to get the best Dentistry care. Here you will be acquainted with various well-known procedures, like Smile Makeover. It is time to enhance your healthy teeth and make it amazing again using best dental care from No.1 Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

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Cost of Smile Makeover Packages in Istanbul, Turkey at Bergedent Clinic

You can obtain Smile Makeover Package in Istanbul, Turkey with the price starts from €3,500 / $3,858. For detail information about price can be seen below:





Smile Makeover - 10 Upper & 10 Lower Premium Zirconia

€3,500 / $3,858


Smile Makeover - 10 Upper & 10 Lower Emax Porcelain

€5,000 / $5,511

United Kingdom

Smile Makeover

$7,500 - $15,000


Hollywood Smile

$9,000 - $17,500

Note: Price can change and vary depends on patient’s current condition and difficulties of procedures. Feel free to contact the provider to get more information.

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What is Smile Makeover?

Smile Makeover is a progression of procedures pointed toward further developing ones smile through Teeth Brightening, Dental Veneers, White Fillings, Lumineers, Dental Crowns, Dental Caps, or scaffolds. A smile makeover will reestablish chipped, broke, or stained teeth, return the muscles that control your jaw development to their regular position and reestablish your nibble.

The reason for a smile makeover is to further develop the patient's smile contingent upon his facial appearance, complexion, hair tone, gum tissue, teeth, and lips to foster the best smile. Smile makeovers are made by the patient's request and how he needs his smile to resemble.

Which Procedures Involved in Smile Makeover at Bergedent Clinic

The initial step before the smile makeover system is to assess the patient's oral wellbeing and make an arrangement as per the patient's necessities. The dental specialist will direct a far reaching assessment of the teeth, gums, fundamental help construction and chomp (impediment) to decide appointment for a smile makeover. Assuming an oral medical condition is distinguished, like a skewed nibble (malocclusion) or gum sickness, the patient should have that dealt with first.

The accomplishment of the smile makeover relies not just upon the procedures picked and you dental specialist's abilities, yet in addition on the ceramist, materials picked and lab expert. Numerous dental specialists are utilizing present day innovation to offer patients reviews of how their smile makeover will look.

We provide our patients stay an average of 5 days for smile design treatments:

  • 1st day – Taking digital measurements and 3D Smile Design
  • 3rd day – Crowns, Veneers application
  • 4th Day – The time we give you to try
  • 5th day – Final Control

The smile makeover incorporates one or a few of these procedures:

Professional Teeth Whitening

The technique can eliminate long stretches of dental staining to uncover an energetic white smile in only one treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

These are slender, tooth-molded creations that can work on the presence of the teeth by concealing dental imperfections, amending tooth shape and shading, shutting holes between the teeth and working on the presence of somewhat warped teeth.

Laser Gum Contouring

This technique is ideal for those with extreme gum tissue, or a "sticky" smile. Laser gum shaping delicately eliminates overabundance gum tissue and makes an even, proportionate gum line.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Old metal fillings and new depressions can be treated with tooth-shaded fillings, which are modified to match the encompassing teeth, making a consistent, regular look.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns reestablish the capacity and presence of broken teeth and those with huge fillings, just as change the size or state of the teeth for further developed feel.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants offer a super durable answer for supplant at least one missing teeth. They can be joined with various kinds of reclamations, for example, dental crowns and implant-upheld false teeth, to reestablish dental capacity and appearance

Advantages of Getting Smile Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey

Here are several advantages that you can find from choosing Smile Makeover Treatments in Istanbul, Turkey

  • Affordable cost
  • Renowned dental surgeons
  • Top dental clinics
  • Beautiful and bright teeth
  • Confident appearance
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Exotic city for attractive holiday

Complexity Level: Medium

Inclusions in Smile Makeover Package in Istanbul

  • 5 stars hotel
  • Each airport-hotel-clinic transfers
  • Dental Examination
  • Panoral X-Rays
  • Patient Host Speaks Native English
  • 1 year Postoperative Follow up24/7 Line
  • 5 years Postoperative Treatment Guarantee

Smile Makeover Package Exclusions in Istanbul

List of Pre-Op Test Before Dental Work

Best Cosmetic Dentists in Istanbul, Turkey at Bergedent Clinic

Here are list of Cosmetic Dentists in Istanbul, Turkey Bergedent Clinic that have several years of experience to give you best result of dental care:

Why Choose Istanbul, Turkey for Dental Work?

Why Choose Istanbul, Turkey for Dental Work?

Istanbul Turkey has different trips to enter the country from different nations from one side of the planet to the other. This city is eminent as best region for Dental Vacation. It is on the grounds that there are different top dental specialists here, and outfits dental concentrations with world-class improvements for their patients.

The best thing about for starting your journey to Turkey for dental treatment is the expense. Patients can save from UK dental costs 70%. The more expansive and exorbitant the treatment, clearly, the more you are saving–and hence Turkey's Smile Makeover is particularly popular.

Turkey offers a remarkable plan of real value the degree that arrangement of encounters, culture, shopping and shorelines, such tremendous amounts of dental patients decide to broaden their coincidentally track down a dental occasion and take advantage of their time in the country A noteworthy best dental clinic in Turkey is organized in Istanbul, Turkey, one of the best indeed is Bergedent.

FAQs about Smile Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey

Here you can find some information you can find for FAQ about Smile Makeover Package in Istanbul, Turkey

Why Many Patients Choose Smile Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey?

The main explanation for stretching out to Turkey for Dental Treatment is the cost. Patients can save from UK dental expenses 70%. The more extensive and costly the treatment, obviously, the more you are saving–and thus Turkey's Smile Makeover are especially famous.

What Makes Smile Makeover in Turkey Affordable?

The fundamental explanation dental treatment in Turkey is modest is that the general activity costs, including research office expenses and dental master charges, are lower stood apart from places like the UK or the US. Subsequently, the expense save accounts stream down straightforwardly to patients, who don't need to pay Smile Makeover as much as in different nations.

Why Dental Vacation in Istanbul Turkey is Trending Today?

Turkey's benefit in dental the development business is the enormous number of endorses clinical focuses in dental medicines with reasonable costs, uncommon help, and is a very the development business objective in the world.

How Patient Get Benefits from Smile Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey?

Hospital in turkey are furnished with current work environments, design setting progression, and experienced staff to oblige the clinical advantages needs of the neighborhood individuals likewise as adjacent and new clinical voyagers to get awesome Smile Makeover care.

Video about Smile Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey

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