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We are a medical institution specialized in solving infertility problems with greater presence at national level, not only by our clinics but by the number of physicians inside the Republic, who rely on us to provide services of Assisted Reproduction

• Our specialists are proudly Mexicans prepared in the best worldwide institutes.

• We offer all the options available to solve infertility problems.

• We solve a large number of infertility cases successfully each year.

Our treatmentsare complemented with helpful therapies, they di not only work individually, but together, they turn out in a powerful to grow our pregnancy rates.

Where do we obtain the stem cells?

The stem cells are obtained from organs and tissues from our own body, for example the endometrioum of young and healthy woman, from the fat obtained by microliposuction and also from the placenta obtained at the moment of delivery as well of the umbilical cord of the new born of mothers previously tested.

Can we qualify for a stem cell therapy?

Every couple presenting any kind of fertility problems can qualify to the therapy

What is the hyperbaric chamber and how can it help me?

The hyperbaric chamber, as the other therapies, has a regenerative effect in which it enhance almost for 5 times the stem cell therapy. Together they will assure your success of the treatment.
Inside the chamber the atmosphere pressure is modified so your system will produce more red blood cells, having a deeply oxigenation of every body cell.

SpaIntera and it benefit in fertility

Our clinical Spa is the only one of its type in Latin America. Our staff is well qualified for fertility problems. Our specialized massaging make you achieve a relaxing effect due to your constant stress that finally it will reduce your pregnancy chances.., this massaging will stimulate certain points related to human fertility helping the tissues and the system to equilibrate, also regulating the temperature of the uterus. The massaging will pit on alert the nervous system, it will improve the blood circulation purifying the blood, it helps with the menstrual problems, it activates the fertile potential of the oocytes, and gives youth to the uterus, as well to the rest of the body, giving you the correct preparation prior to pregnancy.

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected sex.

Infertility is a problem of the couple and both members must be together for the treatment and to overcome the emotional stress involved. The techniques of Assisted Reproduction offer the best hope and probability of a pregnancy.

The in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET)is an established method of assisted reproduction created to increase the probability of a pregnancy in couplesfacing infertility problems.

Since its beginnings in 1979 the in vitro fertilization has helped millions of couples to achieve pregnancy.

The purpose of in vitro fertilization consists in the fertilization of the ova by the sperm outside the woman's body, when they are unable to make the fertilizationin its natural place, the fallopian tube. When the fertilization is done, the embryos are transferred to the uterus.

ICSI technique is an In Vitro Fertilization is a highly specialized, requiring only one sperm to be microinjected into each ovum, this is done with a micromanipulator. Biologists can hold a single egg on the tip of a suction pipette with a fine needle that is seven or more times thinner than a hair and penetrate it .This is done with a powerful microscope and microscopic instruments of manipulation.

ICSI has been developed to treat infertility in patients with low sperm count, low sperm mobility, and also in patients without sperm in the ejaculate (due to a blockage or some other testicular disorder) sperm can be obtained from the testes and epididymis.

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