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Affordable Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Mexico by Perfect Vision Cancun

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Avenida Bonampak no. 35, SM 3, Mz 20, Cancun, Mexico

About Perfect Vision Eye Lasik Surgery Center

Welcome to Perfect Vision | Eye Lasik Surgery Center   Perfect Vision started its activities on 2005, under the medical direction of Carlos Alcocer Lamm,ophthalmic surgeon, graduated from AsociacionPara Evitar La Ceguera en Mexico, which is the largest eye hospital in Mexico and with fellowship training in the same institution and McGill University in Refractive Surgery and Opthalmic Pathology.   Our Treatments LASIK & LASEK / PRK Laser Monovision Treatment Presbilasik Intraocular Lenses Cataract Surgery ZLASIK (No Blade Laser) Corneal Rings for Keratoconus Correction KAMRA (No more reading glasses) Cataract Premium Intraocular Lens Procedure (Crystalens acomodative, Restor Multifocal, Toric for Astigmatism)   Vision Problems Treated Myopia Hyperopia Astigmatism Presbyopia Cataracts Peterygium High-Tech Equipment   VISX STAR S4 IR (Iris Registration) CustomVue Platform VISX STAR S4

Perfect Vision Eye Lasik Surgery Center Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
Cataract Surgery Cataract surgery premium Monofocal lens from $1,950 / Cataract premium multifocal approx. $2,800 depending on type and brand of lens. (Prices are per eye) $1950
Keratoconus CROSS Linking for Keratoconus $1,100 / Corneal Rings for keratoconus $2,300 $1100
LASIK Surgery Perfect Vision: $1950 (ZLasik) $1950
PRK PRK 1,800 USD both eyes $1800
Cataract Surgery  Zeiss Aspheris Cataract 2,000 USD per eye with AT LISA TRI or PANOPTIX or TORBI 3,700 USD $2000
Eyelid Surgery Upper blepharoplasty 1,500 USD and the 4 eyelids 2,800 USD $1500
Eye/Lasik Care Cross linking 1,300 USD per eye $1300
Strabismus Strabismus 3000 USD $3000
Glaucoma Surgery Glaucoma trabe 2,000 USD per eye $2000
Glaucoma Surgery Glaucoma valve 2,500 USD per eye $2500
Vitrectomy VITRECTOMY 4,000 USD per eye $4000
Vitrectomy FACO + VITRECT 6,000 USD. $6000
Eye/Lasik Care Antiangiogenic 600 USD per application $600
Eye/Lasik Care Teardrop survey 1,500 USD $1500
Eye/Lasik Care Closed dacryointubation 3,000 USD $3000
Eye/Lasik Care YAG Laser Capsulotomy 500 USD per eye $500

Perfect Vision Eye Lasik Surgery Center Reviews

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    Henk s

    First contact was made through Ms Catalina from Placid who brought us in contact with Perfect Vision and Dr.Alcocer who explain to us the possible treathments.
    Lasik treathment result was even better than expected even with my severe myopia.
    After 40 years no glasses and contact lensen needed anymore.Wonderfull

    many thanks Ms Catalina Meza

    Mar 20 2015
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    Jessie B

    I had a great experience having the Lasik procedure done at Perfect Vision. Dr. Carlos Lamm was excellent! He examined me and explained to me (so that I can understand) the procedure and choices I had to make. The procedure was quick and I had results right away! I was given numbers in case of emergency or questions and a check up. After one month.....still doeing great and had NO problems. This was a great experience!

    Oct 09 2013