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Constance Care Rehabilitation Center

Constance Care Rehabilitation Center

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Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine Cost in Constance Care Center

Constance Care Rehabilitation Center

Welcome to Constance Care Rehabilitation Center in Warsaw, Poland Constance Care Rehabilitation Center ® is a modern, privately owned medical center . It is located in Kierszek, near Konstancin-Jeziorna, 30 minutes from downton Warsaw, 20 minutes from the airport, 5 minutes from Konstancin-Jeziorna health resort. The Center is surrounded by green areas ready to be explored while walking, riding a bike or even a horse from stables nearby. Thanks to well-known microclimate of Konstancin-Jeziorna outdoor activities are not only pleasant, but also beneficial for patients’ health. The Constance Care Team gathers experienced doctors of various disciplines, from reputable clinics and institutes of Warsaw, physiotherapists, sensory integration therapists, masseurs, speech therapists, psychologist and dietician. Such an interdisciplinary team provides comprehensive therapy adjusted to the needs of each patient. What do we offer? Constance Care Rehabilitation Center Read More

Constance Care Rehabilitation Center Pricings:

Rehabilitation Procedure Details Price in USD
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine Preparation Training for HAL THERAPY / STAY PACKAGE Treatment period : 28 days /25 treatment days: using all devices except HAL(included 1 HAL diagnostic session) +Medical consultations..only 1to1 ind. treatment = up to 5 hours /day $391
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine HAL SYSTEM CYBERNIC THERAPY / SPINAL CORD INJURY/ Treatment period : 83 days stay - full board - 72 days treatment - 60 HAL sessions - 5 sessions per week (Mo.-Fr.) for 12 following weeks . Indyvidual treatment 6 days a week up to 5 hours 1to1 $775
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine HAL SYSTEM CYBERNETIC THERAPY / NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES (MS-MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, / ALS-AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS, MUSCULAR DYSTROPHIES) / STAY PACKAGE. Treatment period : 28 days stay(25 days treatment), 20 HAL Sessions , up to 5 hours 1 to 1 treatment $828
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine G-EO SYSTEM / NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASE / (MS-MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, MUSCULAR DYSTROPHIES, PARKINSON) / STAY PACKAGE. Recommended 1 Month Program (25 days of therapy) + 28 days stay with full board + Medical consultation $400
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine G-EO SYSTEM SPINAL CORD INJURY / STROKE / STAY PACKAGE Recommended Monthly Program (25 days of therapy): Daily training (Mo.-Sa.)+ 28 overnight stays with full board + medical consultation+ up to 5 hours ind. treatment daily $406
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine HAL SYSTEM CYBERNETIC THERAPY STROKE / CEREBROVASCULAR ACCIDENT / STAY PACKAGE Monthly Program : 28 days of stay in the clinic with full board(25 treatment days) and 20 HAL sessions,6 days a week up to 5 hours 1to1 treatment $828

Constance Care Rehabilitation Center Reviews

  • Tomasz

    Extra specialists

    Google Mar 11 2020
  • Magdalena

    I recommend to all parents who need to rehabilitate an infant due to muscle tension. Ms. Kamila is a specialist with a passion for working with children, she gives valuable tips, and most importantly she gives a lot of practice and theoretical knowledge to her parents my child leaves the classroom with a smile.

    Google May 07 2020
  • Joanna

    I recommend it with a clear conscience! Very nice atmosphere, professional staff, keep coming back and I will be back! Thank you.

    Google Mar 30 2021
  • Mateusz

    I recommend professional obsluga.Sprzet at the highest level

    Google Apr 21 2021
  • Radosław

    Definitely one of the most professional rehabilitation clinics in Poland. I heartily recommend to everyone after severe accident injuries.

    Google Feb 16 2022
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