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Cheap Prices for Joint Replacement Surgery in Vadodara India by Welcare Hospital

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Vadsar Rd, Near Mercedes showroom, Atladara, Vadodara, Gujarat 390012, Vadodara, India
Price Range: $2500 - $14000
Associated Doctors: Dr. Bharat Mody
Specialty: Cancer Treatment, Executive Healthcheck, General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Spine Care/Surgery

About Welcare Hospital

Welcare Hospital, located in Vadodara, India is the best center for joint replacement handled by a single surgeon entity and providing incredible health care facilities in Asia. The expert physicians at the clinic provide safe and assured treatment to meet the expectations of domestic and international patients. The look designing involves various stages of accuracy and planning. Experts at the clinic use modern and highly effective technology for Orthopaedics, Spine Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Joint Replacement, and Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine. The team of medical experts provides best Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation along with Urology and Rheumatology at affordable rates Orthopedic Treatments at Welcare in India Orthopaedics Spine Surgery Pediatric Orthopaedics Internal Medicine Fractures Neuro Surgery Gastrointestinal Surgery Pulmonary Medicine General Surgery Joint Replacement Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Intensive Care Medicine

Welcare Hospital Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery This package includes all standard costs related to bilateral knee replacement surgery with a hospital stay of 8 days. For more details please contact us. $10000
Spinal Decompression This package includes all standard costs related to Lumbar spinal decompression surgery with a hospital stay of 5 days. If implants are required, the actual cost will be added and will be additional. $4800
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total This package includes all costs related to Total Hip replacement with a hospital stay of 5 days. We can provide more details of the inclusion and exclusion criteria if required. $5500
Knee Replacement Total or Partial This package includes all standard costs related to the knee replacement surgery with a hospital stay of 5 days. For more details please contact us. $5000
Knee Arthroscopic Washout This package is for a standard knee arthroscopy and the cost includes a stay of two days in the hospital. Please contact us for more details about the package. $2500
ACL Repair Package includes all costs related to the ACL Recon. surgery with 3 days of hospital stay. Please contact us for more details. $3000
Meniscus Repair This package includes a stay of 2 days in the hospital and all surgery related costs. Any special implants/meniscal sutures/devices required will cost extra. $3000
ACL PCL MCL This package includes cost of ACL reconstruction surgery using two biodegradable screws (included) for a stay of 3 days in the hospital. $3500

Welcare Hospital Reviews

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    Tess F

    I would just like to say how grateful I am to Welcare Hospital Vadodara and all the amazing staff for my treatment. A special thank you to Dr. Bharat Mody, Dr. Kshitij Mody, and Dr. Harshida Mody, who made sure that every part of my care went smoothly and was completed to the highest standard. However, every staff member, from the maasi to the doctors and everyone in between (nurses, dietitian, physiotherapists, administration, etc.) treated myself and my daughter with kindness and patience.
    Two weeks ago I had a total hip replacement after more than 5 years of pain, that had gotten so bad that at 49 yrs of age I could no longer put on my own shoes, or get on and off the toilet unaided. I am now blessed to say that I walked out of the hospital almost pain free, unaided, with my walking improving every day. I would highly recommend anyone needing orthopaedic surgery to choose Welcare - not only will you get the highest quality treatment from world-class surgeons, but you will also be treated like family. They are with you every step of the journey and will make sure any need you or your family have is met beyond expectation and always with a gracious smile.
    They also went above and beyond by organising other services for us including an eye check up (and subsequent arrangement of spectacles for me prior to discharge), and helping my daughter explore the area whilst I was bed bound.
    I will be forever grateful to the Mody family for giving me my life back. Definitely worth travelling from Australia to have my treatment done here, and am definitely an advocate for Welcare Hospital Vadodara!

    May 31 2023
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    Megan F

    I am all booked in to have my hip replacement now in June. So far the process has been wonderful and stress free for me and I am very happy with the service they have provided.

    Mar 31 2023
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    Highly recommended…! Special thanks to Dr. Kshitij Mody for all his support and all his guidance and treatment.

    Google Feb 24 2022