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Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev Ukraine by UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC  UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC is a medical center the history of which goes back to 1994. For over 17 years the founder of our clinic Professor Alexander Smikodub Sr. was the head of the clinic developing and introducing unique methods of stem cell treatment. Now his son Alexander Smikodub Jr. continues this unique treatment commenced by his father. During the years of work our clinic has performed more than 6 500 transplantations of fetal stem cells. Our treatment has helped prolong life, improve its quality and in many cases completely cure thousands of patients from all over the world (the USA, Italy, Germany, China, the Russian Federation, Poland, etc.). Our treatment achieves positive results even in cases when all other methods of treatment were not effective and patients lost any hope for recovery. Stem Cell Therapy in Kiev Ukraine by UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC is the best choice for Read More


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    best clinic. recommend.

    Facebook Dec 20 2019
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    Can not say enough about this clinic. To start off with, they operate from a 7th floor of the civic hospital building. This is the same place where the great Legend and the inventor of the fetal stem cells Dr.Smikadub Sr. Started his healing to all the people who lost hope in their lives.Currently this is headed and being run by his son Dr.Smikadub Jr who also has pioneered this process.

    Our experience here is remarkable, especially the Neurologist Dr.Victoria and her personal approach towards my daughter who has CP and CVI.She did not straight away jump to give fetal stem cells to my daughter and instead ordered additional tests to find more information about her CVI issues and all these tests are covered by the clinic at no additional costs.

    Good English speaking staff, they do not sweet talk and butter you to get the treatment at their clinic, they speak straight to the point and do not offer anything extra which is not needed.

    Google review Feb 25 2021
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    It seems a good clinic

    Aug 13 2021

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