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H-1054, Bank Center, Platina tower 3rd floor, Szabadság tér 7, Budapest 1054, Hungary
Specialty: Anti Aging, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Skin Care, Weight Loss Program
Focus Area: Aesthetica International Medical Center | Cosmetic Surgery | Breast Lift | Tummy Tuck | Nose Reshaping Surgery | Body Rejuvenation | Chemical Peel | Laser Hair Removal | Varicose vein Treatment | Botox | Thyroid Treatment | Hair Loss Treatment | Laser Eyelid Surgery | Mesotherapy Cellulite | Budapest, Hungary

Aesthetica International Medical Center Profile Overview

Do you want to look younger or more beautiful?
Do you want to reshape your body? 
Do you want to get rid of unwanted hair?
Do you have skin or hair problems?

Welcome to Aesthetica!
Our cosmetic and plastic surgery center awaits you with almost two decades of serving international patients.  You can expect highest level of service with discretion and friendly atmosphere.

Our Service

  • Plastic Surgery - breast augmentation, nose surgery, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, face lift, buttock lift, liposuction
  • Aesthetic Treatments – botox, wrinkle filling, lip enhancement, teeth whitening, dermaroller
  • Mesotherapy Treatments – facial rejuvenation, cellulite, hair loss, and stretch mark treatments
  • Dermatology – beauty marks, models, pigment problems, chemical peeling
  • Medical Diet Program – OPTIMA diet program, weight loss program
  • Varicose Veins Treatment – spider veins or varicose veins treatment
  • Laser Hair Removal – using modern special diode laser appliance technology
  • Body Contouring – liposuction, cellulite treatment, medical diet program
  • Sex Disease Screening – Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Endocrinology – Hormonal disturbances, The Excessive Sweating, Skin diseases, Hair loss, Obesity, Thyroid problems, Female Hormonal Imbalance etc.

Six reasons why Aesthetica is the right choice…

  • You are going to get an answer to all your questions - We help you to choose the best treatment which will result in positive change that you have been waiting for.
  • Beauty costs less than you would think - Aesthetica offers its treatments at a reasonable price.  For numerous treatments you can pay in installments.
  • Experienced and reputable professionals - We only employ the best professionals who are experts in the field of Plastic Surgery.  We keep in line with the newest technology so we can offer you the best from everything.
  • Meeting your expectations - We know that the change in your look will affect the way you feel inside.  We strive to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Our clinic gives you the best from everything - We apply the newest techniques, offering the most modern solution for your problem, as well as 24 hour supervision during your procedures.
  • You can count on us even after the change - This is the beginning of a new life and this is our true motivation.  We will be in touch with you during your recovery and you will feel safe with us.

Aesthetica International Medical Center is located in the heart of Budapest, in the 5th district of the city, in the prestigious building of Bank Center. 

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Aesthetica International Medical Center, Budapest, Hungary Profile Details

The team of Aesthetica is devoted to the beauty of its patients, and is doing its best to provide You with all the information, the best doctors and the latest of technology all in one place. Our prices and payment conditions were developed in a way so that our treatments are affordable for everyone. Each month we have new promotions for our patients, at our Forum we answer all kind of questions and in our Magazine You can find the latest news of the beauty industry.

We have established an information center for our patients where they can get useful information from beginning and where they can also arrange appointments with our doctors and esthetic advisors easily. We believe in the necessity of a personal consultation, since we would like to offer the most personalized services in terms of treatments and prizes also.

You will not find a price list on our web page since our experiences show that every patient comes to us with different problem which needs different solutions. From the laser hair removal, to the plastic surgery and to the spider vein treatment there are no two identical problems and solutions. At the personal consultation we examine Your problem and will give You all the answers to all Your questions from the best treatment to the prices.

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Aesthetica International Medical Center Treatments Offered

Our medical center has 8 departments at Your service:

Plastic surgery
These surgeries aim to increase the aesthetic value of the body and the face, and fight against aging. The most popular plastic surgery is breast augmentation, but nose surgery and tummy tuck is just performed quite often also. Currently there are four plastic surgeons working at the clinic. The surgeries are performed in modern hospitals since the most important aspect for us is the safety of our patients.

Aesthetic treatments
One visible wrinkle, thin lips, or the flaws of the skin, these all make can leave marks on how You feel about Yourself. Our medical center offers various treatments to make You and Your skin look more healthy, young and flawless. Our expert plastic surgeons and dermatologists are at Your service, delivering You individual solutions to Your individual problem.

Mesotherapy treatments
Mesotherapy is based on the concept that a problem can be solved best if the cause of the problem is treated locally. For this mesotherapy uses a special device to deliver special nutritional and rejuvenating substances directly into Your skin. With the help of these microinjections problems, such as cellulite, hair loss, stretch marks and the aging of facial skin can be cured.

A key element of our appearance is healthy skin and we offer help in this area as well. Our dermatologist has many years of experience. We treat beauty marks, moles, acne, pigment problems and other fields of dermatological problems. If You wish so, our dermatologist can recommend homeopathic solutions as well.

Medical diet program
For those who want to control their weight effectively and have a nice appearance, our program offers a real solution. You are going to get the full picture about Your health status, and discover the mistakes in Your lifestyle. Based on the collected information our doctors work out a personal strategy for You. Keeping the plan You will lose weight without experiencing the negative side effects of dieting (hunger, weakness, depression) and You can maintain the desired weight in the long turn.

Varicose veins treatment
At our clinics one of the best specialists of Hungary can help You get rid of unwanted spider veins or varicose veins. We apply more kinds of treatment including the brand new therapy of foam vein treatment as well.

Laser hair removal
Nowadays depilation is an everyday activity not only among women, but increasingly among manhood. To keep in line with the technical development, Aesthetica works with a special diode laser appliance, which has been commonly used abroad for years, but in our country it is almost unknown. Thanks to the modern technology, in the course of the treatment the hair follicles are consumed, and they will not grow any more in the future. In this sense the effect of the treatment is permanent.

Body contouring
In everyday life the external appearance is really important, because it gives the first impression of us. Many of us get to grips with aesthetic problems (cellulite, fat deposits, etc.), that cannot be removed by a simple diet. Aesthetica offers guaranteed solutions for these problems, which are effective and permanent. An internationally recognized PRUS ultrasound body contouring, painless treatment is available at Aesthetica first in Hungary.

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Aesthetica International Medical Center Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

When hiring our staff we pay attention to choosing polite, helpful and discrete people, so that You will only get in touch with people at our clinic who are aware what a sensitive decision our patients are taking.

At the personal consultation You will meet the best specialists in their field, with many years of experience and a serious reputation. Our doctors have performed numerous surgeries and treatments with success and satisfaction. We train our doctors continuously; send them to conferences and congresses. Training is important since we gradually incorporate the latest inventions of science and technology into our treatments at Aesthetica.

Besides our doctors You are accompanied on Your way to achieving Your dream by our aesthetic advisors whom You can turn to after the treatment as well. They help You in financial questions too from installments to health fund payments.

The treatments are always performed by professionals with experience and degrees. They are pleasant and easy to get along with.

We would like our patients to experience our client-friendly service in person and too see the result of all of our efforts to make You feel comfortable at our clinic.

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Aesthetica International Medical Center Testimonials

"They gave me all the information and the support I needed and I am very plesed with the result."
- Ágnes (33)

"I love who I am and what I see in the mirror- I couldn’t have done it without their support!"
- Gabriella (36)

"Everyone at the clinic was absolutely helpfull and discreet"
- Gábor (31)

"There is always someone that I can address to, even now, after the change"
- Lilla (24)

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Budapest, Hungary Destination Overview

Hungary has become a popular target of health tourism for the last 15 years. Our expert doctors, and high quality clinics are well-known all over Europe. Meanwhile the costs of treatments are much lower than in other Western-European countries. You have the access to dental treatments, plastic surgery, laser eye correction in an easy, fast and low price way, all done without reducing professionalism.

Each year almost 50,000 foreigners wishing to get well, visit specialists in Hungary, and leave healthy and satisfied.

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