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Are you looking for affordable dental care?

We offer you very attractive prices!
Your one stop resource to gaining access to world class dentistry where you'll get the highest quality dental care at a price anyone can afford.

We offer dental treatment at world class clinics abroad. Together with our partners, we provide a professionally organized network located in the US and Europe.

Moreover, we take personal care of you (and your family) throughout your stay in Europe by addressing your concerns and arranging your activities. You can count on us 24/7.

Why Us?

Treatments & Technology
Our dental clinics offer a full range of dental treatment possibilities: from simple prosthesis to complex implant treatments, all supported by the latest technology available on the dental market.

  • Fixed prosthesis with DENTAL IMPLANTS
  • The time saver: CEREC
  • Great looks with VENEERS
  • Bright smiles with TOOTH WHITENING
  • Smaller repairs with DENTAL BONDING
  • The mother of dentistry: CROWNS
  • And alot more...

Our carefully selected dental clinics

Dental Clinic Bratislava
Our Bratislava clinic is without a doubt one of the most modern dental offices in Europe. Well equipped with four state of the art surgery facilities, you can feel comfortable and rely on the quality of dental care provided. But technology is not everything; the dental team welcomes you with a modern, warm and personal atmosphere.

Attending Dentist Bratislava
Dr. Schill is your attending dentist in our Bratislava partner clinic. He is a young, passionate dentist with a great reputation and knowledge of all the latest technology.

Dental Clinic Mosonmagyaróvár
Established 17 years ago, our Mosonmagyaróvár clinic offers a wide range of high quality dental services giving special importance to implantology and cosmetic dentistry as specific fields of treatment.

The clinic is equipped with state of the art technology and applies the best dental materials available. All well-trained employees are multi-lingual removing any barriers between guests and staff.

Dentist Mosonmagyaróvár
Dr. Veress is your attending dentist at our Mosonmagyaróvár partner clinic. He is one of Hungary's leading surgeons with a fervor for dentistry that eventually lead him to California.

Dental Clinic Budapest
Top-quality materials and washable surfaces in the treatment and operating rooms make for a high degree of cleanliness. The ambience is tasteful and modern, but does not detract from the purpose of the premises. The design of the practice strikes a perfect balance between function and form.

Attending Dentists Budapest
Dr. Wagner and Dr. Fazekas are your attending dentists at our Budapest partner clinic.

The close association we have with our dentists guarantees that the clinic you select will provide the best possible service. We are there for you.Please Click Here to request more information from Dental-Offer.


Dental Tours
More and more Americans recognize the benefits of dental care outside the U.S. and Canada and  look abroad for medical services. Dental-Offer is your one-stop resource for dental tours abroad.

We are a professional organization created with the vision of providing everyone access to our reasonably priced dental care. The key to our success is our mix of the highest quality dental treatments with justifiably minimal costs.

Furthermore, we manage the ground operations and logistics of your trip from the time you arrive at the airport throughout your stay, treatment, travel, sight-seeing, accommodation, recreation and departure with absolute precision.

The quick facts you should know about Dental Offer:

  • locally based: we have offices in the US and at the destinations
  • we take care of every detail during your stay
  • US standards
  • billing with US procedure codes for insurance issues
  • painless treatments
  • the latest laser technology
  • US associates
  • comprehensive guarantees on the dental work
  • all major credit cards are accepted

How does it work?

The process of obtaining affordable treatment by going abroad is straight forward. The advanced evaluation of your panoramic x-ray or treatment proposal will offer advice on time requirements and savings. Your quote and treatment plan will be the basis of your dental vacation, so let’s get started:

  • choose a destination, contact us and receive your quote
  • compare costs and leave us to manage your dental tour
  • come to Europe for your dental treatment and vacation

InciDENTAL Service
If you are planning to come abroad without preliminary evaluation of your dental situation by our specialists or simply cannot provide a panoramic x-ray in advance this may be your option.

All consultation, evaluation, x-rays and therapy plan organization can be done locally as well. This is straight forward and we are happy to make the arrangements for you. Simply let us know when you are coming and/or if you want to add any of our great optional vacation packages.

Working around your vacation
The only constraint is that we cannot guarantee the completion of your dental treatment within the term of your stay as your travel arrangement is not dedicated to the therapy. Generally speaking, most standard dental care can be carried out within 10 working days, but more complex situations may require you to come back for a second stay. This is most likely the case for implants.

However, if you have already been told by a dentist in the US that you only need comprehensive prosthetic work, we can usually use this professional opinion without providing dental information in advance.

Extended Guarantees
Benefit from the extended dental care guarantees our partner clinics provide workmanship for your treatment and the associated prosthesis.

Throughout the careful clinic selection we made it mandatory for each clinic to agree to an extended guarantee for any dental treatment provided.

That is what we ask of our dental clinics on your behalf:

Fixed Prosthesis

  • crowns, bridges: 5 years (excluding temporaries)
  • inlays/onlays/veneers: 2 years (excluding temporaries)
  • implant: 10 years (the product only)

Removable Prosthesis

  • partial dentures: 3 years (excluding temporaries)
  • full dentures: 1 years

What if something goes wrong?
A question we are often asked. There is always the possibility of something going wrong. Relax. Besides having selected the best clinics for you, we will back you on any guaranteed procedures.

In the unlikely event of a failing prosthesis provided by our partner clinic, you can rely on quick and unbureaucratic help by Dental-Offer representing your concerns.

The dental clinics will cover all necessary dental and laboratory costs to rectify the problem. In case of small adjustments you may also see a dentist in your own country instead. We will then coordinate the reimbursement process on your behalf with the dental clinic.

Dental care in the U.S. and Canada is unreasonably pricey for some and simply too expensive for others. You may be seeking dental care out of necessity or because you want to improve your quality of life. In any case, there is no reason to spend a fortune for a special treatment when you can have the very same for a fraction of US or Canadian costs.

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Dental Treatments & Prices
For your guidance we have outlined the most common treatment aspects and their average prices (prices may vary slightly between our destinations). If you have a question in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

Fixed prosthesis with DENTAL IMPLANTS
Implants replace missing teeth, including the root. They are implanted in the jaw in place of the old missing teeth. While the implant is healing, the bone adheres to it, so that eventually it is firmly anchored in the bone. During the healing period, which lasts at three mounts, the implant lies below the gum of the mouth, which protects it against stresses during this phase. Then a peg is screwed into the implant, on which the "new tooth" is firmly fixed in place like a traditional crown. The implant takes on the pressure from chewing instead of the root, and gently introduces it into the jaw, almost like the natural tooth.

  • Price from $950.00
    (metal free implants also available, please contact us)
  • Time required: 2 stays of 5 and 10 days*

The time saver: CEREC
Meeting the highest aesthetic demands, crowns, inlays and veneers made with CEREC are a real time saver as well. Digitally made from ceramic blocks CEREC prosthesis is fabricated on the fly in hte clinic while you wait; hence less drilling, less office visits and more time for sight seeing.

  • Price from $540 (CEREC crown)
  • Time required: from 3 days*

Great looks with VENEERS
A veneer is a thin layer of restorative material placed over a tooth surface, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth, or to protect a damaged tooth surface. The advantages of using a veneer to restore a tooth are many. Very good aesthetics can be obtained, with minimal tooth preparation (i.e. drilling).

  • Price from $360.00
  • Time required: 5 days*

Bright smiles with TOOTH WHITENING
Everybody loves a bright white smile, and with a single office visit we can help you improve the look of yours. Many people are satisfied with the sparkle they get from brushing daily, but if you decide you would like to go beyond this to make your smile look brighter, then you should investigate this option.

  • Price from $120.00 (standard), from $650 (1 hour in-office)
  • Time required: 1 day*, recommended to accompany your dental treatment

Smaller repairs with DENTAL BONDING
Similar to fillings dental bonding also uses a composite resin for a variety of structural and cosmetic reasons. One can draw a parallel between dental bonding materials and a sculptor's clay: Our dentist can fill gaps, recolor your smile and restore broken or chipped teeth by using composite resin bonding.

  • Price from $70.00
  • Time required: 1 - 5 days*

The mother of dentistry: CROWNS
A dental crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" that is placed over a tooth; covering the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and/or to improve its appearance.

The crowns, when cemented into place, fully encase the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line.

  • Price from $275.00 (porcelain fused to non precious alloy)
  • Time required: 5 days*

The latest in esthetic dentistry is the use of full ceramic, metal free prosthesis; may it be crowns, complete bridges, inlay or onlays. Made from zirconium oxide, which is next to the diamond the hardest material on earth, full ceramic prosthesis has got many advantages: metal free, no metal shadings, more bio compatible, faster to produce and certainly the best looks.

  • Price from $540.00 (full ceramic crown)
  • Time required: from 3 days*

Close the gap with a BRIDGE
A bridge is nothing other than a series of attached crowns. The outer crown(s) carry the bridge span which fills the gap.

  • Price from $825.00 (three element bridge)
  • Time required: 5 days*

Smaller cavities are treated with a COMPOSITE FILLING
Made from resin materials this light cured procedure is used for the restoration of small cavities or lost tooth structure.

  • Price from $70.00
  • Time required: 1 day*

The latest technology can only be as good as the dentist using it. At Dental Offer we have selected not only some of the best dentists, but also made sure their passion will work together with the latest technology towards your successful treatment.

Computer aided prosthesis design
CEREC is the world's only system for the fabrication of all ceramic dental restorations in a one office visit. With CEREC at our dentist's side, you can be in and out in fewer visits with a permanent, all ceramic crown, onlay, or veneer! For you, the patient: this means fewer injections, less drilling, and less time out of your sightseeing schedule.

Dental CT – x-rays were yesterday
Blending innovation with comfort, the 3D Imaging System will produce immediate, three-dimensional images of your critical anatomy in typically less than one minute. This CT (computer tomography) scan provides complete views of all your oral and maxillofacial structures in an easy to use, cost effective, in-office system that allows our dental specialists to dramatically enhance your dental care in a variety of ways.

Any implant treatment and placement as well as the selection of the most suitable implant type, size, location, and angulation is optimized prior to surgery.

Available in Bratislava and Mosonmagyaróvár Metal free, solid ceramic implants
Quality made in Germany – Ziterion implants are made from the ceramic material zircon and are thus white and free of metal. This allows some advantages, especially for sensitive patients who avoid metallic implants and for patients with high aesthetic expectations.

Why? The metallic color of titanium implants may show through a thin mucous membrane. Due to high-quality fabrication and processing, ceramic implants are as good and as durable as titanium implants. Ziterion implants are fabricated on a highly scientific technical level with the demands of ceramics in mind.

With ziterion implants you now have the choice between ordinary titanium and the aesthetic optimum.

Pain-free and cavity-free in no time thanks to ozone. You now have the option of using this advanced therapy during cavity and/or root canal treatment.

Laser diagnostics and treatment
Treatment decisions require a higher degree of certainty. Laser cavities detection remove the uncertainty from treatment decisions regarding hidden cavities or questionably stained grooves. The laser's ability to "see" into occlusal pits and fissures enables our dentists to treat sub-surface cavity lesions with confidence.

Also, laser treatment is the perfect first step to soft tissue surgery. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, and offers superior hemostasis. An easy access to indication parameters ensures smooth treatment and increases the number of indications that can be quickly and easily treated with the lasers in our dental clinic.

Extended Guarantees
Benefit from the extended dental care guarantees our partner clinics provide workmanship for your treatment and the associated prosthesis.

Throughout the careful clinic selection we made it mandatory for each clinic to agree to an extended guarantee for any dental treatment provided.

That is what we ask of our dental clinics on your behalf:

Fixed Prosthesis

  • crowns, bridges: 5 years (excluding temporaries)
  • inlays/onlays/veneers: 2 years (excluding temporaries)
  • implant: 10 years (the product only)

Removable Prosthesis

  • partial dentures: 3 years (excluding temporaries)
  • full dentures: 1 years

Please Click Here to request more information from Dental-Offer.


Attending Dentist Bratislava
Dr. Schill is your attending dentist in our Bratislava partner clinic. He is a young, passionate dentist with a great reputation and knowledge of all the latest technology. His passion for dental care is reflected in the quality workmanship he delivers with his team. Besides English he also speaks several other languages.

Curriculum Vitae

  • graduation at University of medicine in Bratislava 1996
  • pregraduation practice at a dental clinic in Bratislava from 1996
  • passed graduation exams /attestation/ from dental medicine 1999
  • practicing since in his own clinic, one of Europe’s most advanced dental centers

Attending Dentist Mosonmagyaróvár
Dr. Veress is your attending dentist at our Mosonmagyaróvár partner clinic. He is one of Hungary's leading surgeons with a fervor for dentistry that eventually lead him to California. There at the UCLA school of dentistry he obtained an additional Masters degree in implantology. Besides English, he also speaks several other languages.

Curriculum Vitae

  • 1987-1992: Faculty of Dentistry of BSOE Medical University, Cum Laude
  • 1992-94: Ambulance Dental and Oral surgery patient care department of Honvéd, Hospital, city of Győr
  • 1994: Specialised Degree in “Tooth and Mouth Diseases”
  • since 1997: Course of Branemark Implantology, treatments with Branemark III system
  • 1997-2007: Further courses under progress with Branemark, Nobel Replace, and Denti Implantology System
  • since 2003: Head of our Mosonmagyaróvár dental clinic
  • since 2007: additional 1 year Masters Program in Implant Dentistry, UCLA School of Dentistry, California

Attending Dentists Budapest
Dr. Wagner and Dr. Fazekas are your attending dentists at our Budapest partner clinic.

Dr. Wagner
Dr. Wagner is German and the third generation of dentists in his family. After gaining extensive experience as a dental assistant in Germany, he has run his own practice since 2002 offering a full range of modern dentistry.He has specialized in prosthetics and Implantology and extensive ceramic restorations. Accordingly, he is a professional in aesthetic and conservative dentistry as well as periodontal and endodontal treatments. Another speciality of his is combination work with German (telescopic) crowns.

Dr. Fazekas
Dr. Fazekas is Hungarian-born with German citizenship. She commenced her studies at the Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest before training as an oral surgeon at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen.In 2005 she qualified as a specialist in oral surgery in Frankfurt am Main. She specializes in dentoalveolar surgery and is skilled in tooth rescue and tooth re-implantation techniques (for adults and children). She is also highly skilled in dental radiology and diagnostics, as well as periodontal operations and implantology.

She has accumulated a wealth of experience in the treatment of high-risk patients, disabled persons and children under general anaesthesia.

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Misty Lucas from New York
I have never had such gentle and efficient dental care as from Dr. Zoltan Veress and his competent staff.

Paired with Florian Scheuer's (CEO of Dental-Offer) personalized attention and his ability to elminate all of the normal stresses associated with dental surgery as well as inter-continental travel, our experience in Hungary went off flawlessly.

Congratulations on a most successful concept.

Misty Lucas, Proprietor, "Chez Grandmere", Woodstock, New York.


Katie Rogers from London, UK
After having years of problems with my teeth and continuous unsatisfactory treatment, I was recommended by friends to go to Hungary and have my teeth finally sorted out. For two reasons, one cost and two for the excellent dental care available.


After my first initial visit I was delighted with the care and treatment.  What should have been a very unpleasant time (mainly due to 3 teeth extractions and one implant) was actually very enjoyable.

I was met at the airport by Alex of Dental Offer. He took me to my hotel and explained exactly what would happen over the next few days. He was very caring and attentive and on the following morning, introduced me to my dentist was was absolutely lovely and spoke great English. And the surgery was extremely well equipped and the staff excellent.

Both Florian and Alex offer an excellent service that made me feel incredibly safe at quite a vulnerable time. I had to have a lot of uncomfortable work done but I never felt that I was on my own or didn't have somebody I could turn to for help.

Katie Rogers


Dan Goldberg from California
In all I am very pleased with the dentist's work and am very glad I came to Bratislava. The dental office and staff were state of the art. It was all so easy and painless, and because the dental work was so inexpensive compared to the San Francisco Bay area, I was able to afford a wonderful European vacation after the work was done. From beginning to end, my contact with and Alex Heidl was a very positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.



Gary Detterman from Washington D.C.We were thrilled with our experience with Their dentist is an excellent, well-trained dentist who explained our alternatives in clear English and took the time to answer all of our questions.  And we saved at least 10,000 dollars, even taking into account the costs of our lovely stay in Eastern Europe.  Florian handles everything for us -- apartment and car rental, airport transfers, holiday arrangements, restaurant and travel suggestions -- all in perfect English and with professional flair. We were in great hands from beginning to end -- and my new teeth look wonderful!


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Passport to a Vacation as Well as a Root Canal
Following up the article in the New York Times, the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard" has also featured Dental-Offer as your dental vacation provider in their English insert (March 25, 2008). In cooperation with the New York Times, the article has found its way to Europe, focusing on Americans travelling through Vienna for affordable dental care.




NewYork Times

Published: February 7, 2008

JENNIFER GATES, 40, a hairstylist and makeup artist from Northern California, hadn’t seen a dentist in a decade when she got the call last spring. Her father, Jerry Halley, 64, phoned to say he desperately needed crowns for a few back teeth and other work. Without insurance, Mr. Halley, who owns a landscaping business in Oregon, would have to pay the estimated $8,000 bill.
Courtesy of the Gates family
Scott, Tyler and Jennifer taking advantage of the vacation portion of the trip to sample some of Mexico’s other amenities.
"We all needed quality dental care, fast," said Ms. Gates, whose own dental-work estimate was $20,000 and whose immediate family was also uninsured. "So, I started planning."


Ms. Gates found a reputable dentist through friends of her parents who had traveled to Mexico for care. Six weeks later, Ms. Gates flew to join her parents for a week of massages and tanning in San José del Cabo, Mexico, punctuated, in her case, by daily visits to Dr. Rosa Peña for five procedures including a root canal.

In the last year, Ms. Gates, who had a tooth so deteriorated she could touch its nerve with her tongue, has returned with her parents, husband and 14-year-old son to scuba dive and to open wide for Dr. Peña. Her 20-year-old daughter and son-in-law also have made a trip. All told Ms. Gates’s extended clan has had 12 crowns, 6 dental veneers, 4 root canals, over half a dozen fillings, 6 whitening treatments and 2 broken teeth fixed at a savings, they say, of tens of thousands of dollars. “Dr. Rosy is now our family dentist,” Ms. Gates said.

Perhaps this is not everyone’s idea of a worry-free family getaway.

Nevertheless, for at least two decades, medical tourism has been an increasingly popular alternative for the uninsured desperate for care, and for middle-class Americans willing to travel to secure affordable health care.

Roughly half a million Americans sought medical care abroad in 2006, of which 40 percent were dental tourists, according to the National Coalition on Health Care, an alliance of more than 70 organizations. That’s up from an estimated 150,000 in 2004, said Renee-Marie Stephano, the chief operating officer for the Medical Tourism Association, a nonprofit organization that researches global health care.

Dental bridges and bonding ranked No. 1 and 2 on a list of most sought-after procedures for Americans traveling abroad for medical care, according to a report just published by HealthCare Tourism International, a nonprofit group that tracks health care.

In the latest twist on this trend, families are traveling abroad together, turning an annual vacation into a cost-effective checkup for the brood. Two reasons are at play, according to industry experts: a higher demand for elective dental care like bonding and veneers, and second, the growing number of medical travel agents who vouch for the foreign doctors they recommend. Agents help patients choose between sightseeing-cum-dental packages from Hungary to Mexico and can even arrange a foreign baby sitter for parents in need of fillings.

“You can see where this could be a perfect opportunity to incorporate dental care — not typically treatment that will leave you bed-bound — and a family tour of a new country,” Ms. Stephano said.

There are 75 medical travel agents based in the United States, she estimated, a number she suggested will double by the end of this year.

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Destination Bratislava
Bratislava's location on the banks of the Danube River and crossroads of ancient trading routes at the heart of Europe is a meeting point of various cultures. The rich mix of cultures and nations has not only left its mark in the language spoken here, but also on the customs, cuisine and lifestyle.

Bratislava is once again experiencing a boom. Buildings are popping up, deals being made, people studying; everything is on the move here. Experts regard it as one of the most dynamically developing and most prospective regions in Europe. It welcomes (dental) tourists, business people, and investors attracted to the beautiful city and its lively atmosphere.

There are many cities in Europe that can boast their own special unique charm, and Bratislava is definitely among them.

Featured Accommodation in Bratislava
Bratislava, the Dynamic City

Bratislava ranks among the youngest capital cities of Europe but has a rich history dating back more than two thousand years. Although it has undergone constant change and suffered large-scale destruction, much has been preserved, restored and expanded.

The capital of Slovakia with a picturesque Old Town, adorned with monuments, palaces and museums, makes it a joy to explore. On your sightseeing tour, which can be done on foot, you’re bound to discover some historical gems such as the castle, Saint Martin's Cathedral and Grassalkovich Palace. Evenings can be enjoyed in the Bratislava National opera & ballet theatre or be spent in a luxury restaurant tasting the fine Slovakian food & wines.

Weekend or Day Trip to Vienna
Vienna has so many worthwhile tourist attractions to see that it is almost a bit intimidating. Luckily, the most important sights are found within close proximity of each other and the city is a relatively small place that can be negotiated on foot. The pedestrian streets are lined with countless cafés and shops and are an absolute joy to explore.  Around every corner there is sure to be something of interest to any of our discerning Vienna weekend travelers. We did a lot of research to pick out the main Vienna sight-seeing attractions that we feel are can't-miss sites for your weekend trip to Vienna.

City Tour of Budapest
With the rolling hills of "Buda" and the flat plains of "Pest" divided by the Danube river’, Budapest offers spectacular tourist attractions, panoramic views and inspiring cityscapes. Only Hungary can boast Europe's largest Parliament, the first underground railway and the largest functioning synagogue.

If this isn’t enough to keep you busy on your weekend break in Budapest, you’ll find a whole range of Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture throughout the city to marvel at. For lovers of culture, the only problem is selection. There are literally hundreds of museums, galleries and monuments to enjoy during your holiday in Hungary. The evenings can be spent in one of the many majestic theatres, absorbing an opera performance or be spent in a chic restaurant sampling fine Hungarian food & wines.

We’ll make the dream "city-break in Budapest" come true and make your trip more than just a dental vacation.

Places to see in Prague
This is one capital that offers an awe-inspiring holiday adventure. There is so much to see and do that it is almost daunting to make a list of must-see attractions. The added beauty of this city is that the main landmarks are well within walking distance and an excellent public transport system. There are five major tourist districts to consider whilst on a short break holiday in Prague. The Castle district (Hradcany), Little Quarter (Mala Strana), Old town (Stare Mesto), the Jewish Quarter (Josefov) and finally the New Town (Nove Mesto).

Outside the city, there are many other exciting areas and holiday excursions to be experienced, such as the UNESCO listed medieval town of Cesky Krumlov. Read on to find about the most interesting Prague city-break landmarks, streets and squares which all have there own special history and magical culture. Whatever type of sightseeing holiday you book with us - whether a luxury package or tailor made holiday tour -Dental-Offer and our partners are the perfect guide & host.

Radisson SAS Hotel Carlton
The Radisson SAS Hotel Carlton offers historical prestige and continues a long tradition of high service standards. It is an international meeting point and offers you the best image and identity in Bratislava.

The hotel is centrally located in the old town next to Bratislava’s Opera and Philharmonic and just a short walk from the business area, embassies, the National Gallery and the capital’s historic town.

The Rooms
The hotel rooms are designed in either classical or contemporary style, including business class rooms and suites. All guest rooms have TV, radio, telephone, safe, trouser press, hairdryer, and individually controlled air-conditioning.

Restaurant & Bar
The hotel has a restaurant and a bar. The all-day restaurant offers both local and international cuisine. The Carlton Hotel is also known for its outstanding daily breakfast buffet. The bar in the Mirror Hall is in turn of the century style and is the perfect place to relax from a day out sightseeing or dental treatment while enjoying classic cocktails.

Self Catering Apartment
The quiet and comfortable self catering apartments are located on the outskirts of Bratislava with view over the nearby Thermal Spa. Within walking distance you find plenty of shops, including grocery stores and our dental clinic.

The Interior
The 2-bedroom-apartments, where up to 4 people can stay, have their own entry, balcony, a well-fitted kitchen, a nice living room and a bathroom. Whereby the studio-apartment is a cozy place to stay for a single person and includes a terrace, a small kitchen and a bathroom. All apartments are also equipped with TV and DVD (film selection in stock) as well as wireless internet access.

Destination Mosonmagyaróvár
Mosonmagyaróvár is situated 20 miles south east from Bratislava, where the Danube’s Moson river meets the Lajta river. The town's location close to Austria and Slovakia is a result of economical and geographical circumstances.

The local thermal bath is one of the main tourist attractions. Its medicinal water is used for curing loco motor disorders, chronic inflammatory diseases, as well as gastric and intestinal troubles. The thermal bath is open throughout the year. Its water is reputably medicinal and ranks among the top five of Europe’s most efficient medicinal waters. It contains chloride and alkaline-hydrocarbon with considerable amounts of iodine and dissolved salt.

You should opt for Mosonmagyaróvár if you prefer a quiet and convenient place with a suburban atmosphere.

Featured Accommodation in Mosonmagyaróvár
4 Star Hotel

This newly built Hotel is in the heart of Mosonmagyaróvár, 10 km from the Austrian and Slovakian borders with Hungary. It is outfitted with fully air-conditioned rooms, TV, mini bar, telephone and wireless broadband internet access.

The restaurant offers dishes from both International and Hungarian cuisine and we recommend their special selection of famous Hungarian wines.

The wellness area offers you massage, Scandinavian sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath, salt chamber, Jacuzzi and fitness room.

Self Catering Apartment
The quiet and comfortable self catering apartments are located in the center of Mosonmagyaróvár with a view of the nearby Thermal Spa. Within walking distance you will find plenty of shops, including grocery stores and our dental clinic.

The Interior
The 2-bedroom-apartments, where up to 4 people can stay, have their own entry, balcony, a well-fitted kitchen, a nice living room and a bathroom. Whereby the studio-apartment is a cozy place to stay for a single person and includes a terrace, a small kitchen and a bathroom. All apartments are also equipped with TV and DVD (film selection in stock) as well as wireless internet access.

Destination Budapest
The Hungarian capital has a lot to offer. Have a walk in the city center on the famous Váci Street, have a look at the beautiful buildings, at the Parliament or the Buda castle. Enjoy your dinner on the Duna corso viewing the evening lights of the city and, if you have some energy left, take in a Verdi-aria in the Opera house. Or try one of the many thermal baths, visit the zoo, the markets, museums... In short: Budapest is the one-stop location to combine dental treatment and world heritage!

Your interests dictate which side of the Danube you spend most of your time on.  Anyone interested in history will find it difficult to tear themselves away from Buda, where the Palace summit creates an atmosphere of mediaeval Budapest.

Shop-oholics will very soon be enticed to the other side of the river by the shops and nightlife. Budapest is actually a fusion of three towns, Buda, Óbuda and Pest. In 106 AD, the Romans founded the city of Aquincum at the north-east corner of the Danube. Several changes of population later, at the end of the ninth century, the Magyars arrived. They were descended from a Finnish-Ugrian tribe with roots in Siberia. The Magyar city, with its palace and ring walls, came to be called Buda, and Aquincum was later called Óbuda. The other side of the river was also settled in an area which would later be called Pest.

Featured Accommodation in Budapest
Ramada Plaza Hotel

The 4/5 Star hotel is located on the Buda side of the Danube River, right at the Arpad Bridge, opposite the beautiful Margaret Island. The inviting hills and forests of Buda are just a few minutes away. It is the ideal place for you to combine your dental treatment with total relaxation and comfort.

Providing an exquisite balance between business, leisure and relaxation, the Ramada Plaza Budapest offers comfortable accommodation and a unique, natural thermal spa.

The hotel has 310 modern rooms, featuring stylish decor and furnishings as well as all amenities you expect from a 4/5 Star hotel.

Hotel Csaszar
The 2/3 Star hotel is located in the heart of Buda near the Danube river, just 500 meters from the Margit Bridge. Built in the 1850s, the building was originally constructed as a convent, sharing the same roof with the Komjádi-Császár swimming pool so you can easily enjoy the outdoor pools.

The pool area offers 50 meter, 33 meter and an educational outdoor pool as well as a terrace, which is available to you during your stay.

The hotel has functional double bedrooms, which include air-conditioning, minibar, SAT TV and telephone.  A daily international breakfast buffet is also included and the hotel is within walking distance to the dental clinic.

Spa & Wellness
"Wellness is more than just well-being"

Hungary is renowned for its wealth of spas and bathing culture as well as for the relaxing effects of its natural resources. Relaxation and pampering is a part of everyday life for many Hungarians due to the generations of experience of their expert therapists.

Thermal waters in Hungary are present in almost every region of the country. The thermal watershed is significant even on a global scale and is unique in Europe. Most mineral and thermal waters contain dissolved minerals, too, and therefore have a medicinal effect, i.e. they are suitable for bathing and drinking cures. At the moment, Hungary has more than 1,000 wells producing thermal water over 30°C (86°F) of which most of the wells produce water with medicinal qualities.

At your convenience we also provide you with access to these resorts so do not forget to take your bathing suit!

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