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C/ Villarroel 170 Floor 7 Stairway 4 , Barcelona 08036, Spain
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Anti Aging, Cancer Treatment, Chronic Diseases, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Detox, ENT, Executive Healthcheck, Eye/Lasik Care, Fertility Treatment, Gynecology Treatment, Heart Care/Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Organ Transplant, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Radiology/CT Scans, Skin Care, Spine Care/Surgery, Sports Medicine, Urology, Vascular Surgery, Weight Loss Program
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BarnaclinicPlus | Group Hospital Clinic Profile Overview

Welcome to Barnaclínic+
Thank you for your interest in Barnaclínic and the services we offer. Herein you will find a short general introduction to the services we provide and show you how to find the best option and the ideal solution to all your health problems.

The organization and operation of Barnaclínic, part of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona group, is contained within the framework of the prestige, innovation, translational research, teaching, technology and knowledge that has made the Hospital Clínic the Spanish leader and a European  reference hospital for many years.

Barnaclínic offers the widest-possible portfolio of medical services for all aspects of health. We provide all medical-surgical specialties, backed up by world-famous physicians and surgeons and the technological facilities and equipment of a major teaching hospital, combined with the personalized care and facilities of the best private hospitals in order to satisfy your demands and meet your needs.

Barnaclínic offers customized, comprehensive health and ancillary services: prevention, prediction, diagnosis and treatments ranging from oral health to high complexity diseases requiring the latest technological advances in order to obtain quality results.

Barnaclínic subscribes fully to the commitment of the Hospital Clínic to the society it serves: guaranteeing the health, respect and safety of all those who place their trust in our outstanding team of health professionals. Our physicians and other health workers are recognized for their vocation of personalized service, working in integrated teams organized in functional units, and for the continuous innovation that generates state-of-the-art knowledge which is available to all our patients.

Who we are
Barnaclinic+ is the part of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona responsible for the healthcare of patients not financed by the public health system.

Barnaclinic puts at your disposal the knowledge of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and the accumulated experience of its health care professionals, representing one hundred years of basic research and clinical experience and the most-advanced technologies required to guarantee the prevention, prediction, diagnosis and personalized  treatment of patients with the best possible results.

We count on more than 300 Hospital Clínic specialist physicians whose private work is carried out under the auspices of Barnaclínic; professionals of recognized prestige in more than 50 physician-surgical specialties. We are experts in non-invasive techniques for the treatment of severe diseases. Barnaclínic comprises an integrated multidisciplinary team capable of confronting and resolving any health problem.


  • All medical-surgical specialties
  • Alternative therapies
  • Artificial fertilization
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cancer
  • Chronic fatigue
  • And Alot more..

Why in barnaclinic?

  • health, the knowledge of the Hospital Clínic, the accumulated experience of its health professionals and 100 years of basic and clinical research guarantee the best results in each case
  • safety, all medical-surgical specialties and the most-advanced techniques in a single center, with an interdisciplinary team caring for your health comprehensively, 24-7.
  • solutions, Barnaclínic is the best option for the care and treatment of both complex and noncomplex diseases.
  • services, we are experts in health prevention and prediction and offer a wide portfolio of services: artificial fertilization, obesity, cancer, transplants, gender reassignment, etc.
  • care, personalized, customized treatment with the dedication required for each individual case.
  • comfort, modern, comfortable, individual rooms equipped with the latest technological innovations and high-quality, ergonomic furniture.
  • accessible, immediate, customized care.
  • confidence, the internationally recognized knowledge, experience, organization, teaching, research, innovation and results of the Hospital Clínic guarantee our prestige and your care. More than 100,000 patients entrust their care to us.

The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona
The Hospital Clinic of Barcelona Group is a health organization with a long tradition of leadership and innovation in health care, teaching and research in the fields of medicine and the life sciences.

Today, the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona combines the best medical care with a forward-looking management dedicated to maintaining our leading edge. Organization into medical institutes and centers offers patients more efficient health care and new, improved medical, pharmacological, and therapeutic products using cutting-edge technologies.

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BarnaclinicPlus | Group Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain Profile Details

Innovation is facilitated by multidisciplinary groups which allow a joint approach to diseases by consultants and senior physicians from all specialties with the objective of providing personalized, patient-centered care.

The Hospital Clinic has 373 people dedicated to pure research and 700 physicians who combine research with their clinical duties. The result is a teaching hospital and university faculty that is recognized as the leading Spanish clinical research center and the tenth most-prolific clinical research group in Europe. Barnaclínic+, as part of the Hospital Clinic group, subscribes fully to the vision of applied research in new therapies, drugs and technological innovations which can rapidly be brought online in order to serve both our public and private patients.

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BarnaclinicPlus | Group Hospital Clinic Treatments Offered


  • All medical-surgical specialties
  • Alternative therapies
  • Artificial fertilization
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cancer
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Clinical Dermatology and Esthetic
  • Customized checkups
  • Day surgery
  • Dental health
  • Gender reassignment Unit
  • Pain clinic
  • Hospitalization
  • International Travelers Clinic
  • Medical-surgical cosmetic treatments
  • Maxillofacial treatment
  • Obesity
  • Second opinions
  • Transplantations (Liver, kidney and hematopoietic stem cells)
  • Tissue implants


  • Individual private hospital rooms
  • Outpatients and Artificial Fertilization
  • Odontology Center
  • Dermatological Center
  • International Travelers Clinic

Treatments Offered



The Private Ward
Barnaclinic+ + has a comfortable, modern Private Ward equipped with the most-advanced hospital technology. We can look after any type of patient, even those with the most complex disorders.

All rooms are individual and have a private bath and a supplementary bed for a family member or companion. They have been designed to ensure maximum maximal patient comfort and safety and make it easy for health care workers to look after their patients in a sterile, hygienic environment. The furniture is ergonomically designed and the beds have electric controls that enable patients to control their   positions and movements. The beds have mechanisms that allow the nurse to change positions rapidity when necessary in an emergency.

The baths are adapted to facilitate the care and personal hygiene of patients. They are designed with nonskid materials and are big enough to allow a companion or aide to help the patient bathe when necessary.

The rooms have a slim, vertically adjustable table that the patient can move comfortably. This lets patients reach their closets and drawers, eat seated if desired and  read, write, use a computer, etc.

Barnaclínic has two rooms equipped with air beds with pressure control designed to improve rest, facilitate mobilization and avoid complications in patients who need long rest periods.

The rooms are equipped with a call button, an intercom to speak directly with nursing staff, an emergency alarm in the bathroom, individual temperature control, nightlight, work surfaces for the patient and their companion, sofa bed, television, telephone and Internet access.

If the patient requires transfer to a special care unit, the private room is still reserved for the patient and their family or companion if so desired, as long as medical demands permit this.

"The barnaclinic+ rooms are cosy, calm and comfortable, and are ideal for patients to recover in"

The Private Ward staff
Barnaclínic provides comprehensive health care in collaboration with the internationally-renowned Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, whose physicians form our consultant team.

The Private Ward is overseen by an experienced senior consultant, which guarantees that the patient and their family can see the Doctor at any time they wish. The senior consultant is responsible for coordinating all the processes involved in complex diseases, which often involve consultants from different specialties. Patient’s always are seen and informed by their personal attending physician, supported by the senior consultant of the private ward.

Our team of nurses are selected for their experience, training and skills. They can offer you personal care of the highest quality to ensure your recovery, working in tandem with your medical team. Our nurses are trained to offer customized care based on the latest medical protocols for each individual disorder.

Medical information
All patients are personally informed of all medical information affecting their case by their attending physician. Any doubts or clarifications can be solved by consulting the senior consultant of the Private Ward.
Information provided includes treatments and therapies, invasive diagnostic techniques and their risks,  surgical procedures that require informed consent, etc.

Admission to the Private Ward
Admissions are organized by the Patient Manager who is available at 93 227 99 97 from 9 to 15:30 h. If preferred, a face-to-face interview with the Patient Manager can be arranged.

When you come in the main entrance, turn right and follow the corridor until you see a set of lifts on your right which will take you to the seventh floor.

Hospital discharge
The attending physician discharges the patient in person, at the best time to suit the patient’s condition.   The nursing staff or Patient Manager will provide all information needed the patient needs after discharge, including home treatments, follow-up checkup, further medical visits, etc.
Meals are prepared strictly in accordance with the dietary requirements of each disorder and the criteria of our medical and nursing staff. Convalescent patients can choose their own meals subject to medical approval.

Meals can be served in the patient’s room, either in bed or seated, subject to medical approval. If the physician authorizes a free diet, the patient has the option of ordering out for meals. The family or companion can also eat in the room subject to notifying the ward staff. Meals for family and companions are not included in the estimated price.

Meals are served in individual rooms at the following times:
Breakfast: 9:00 - 9:30 h
Lunch: 13:45 - 14:00 h
Tea: 17:45 - 18:00 h
Dinner: 20:45 - 21:00 h

Snacks between meals can be provided by nursing staff subject to medical approval. Barnaclinic+  respects the requirements of international patients and those with religious dietary requirements and tries to respect the patient’s wishes wherever possible.

Visiting hours
Family members can visit the patient at any time of day. If the patient is resting or undergoing a medical procedure, the nursing staff will inform visitors of the best options.

Both the patient and their family or companion may restrict visits and calls if they consider it necessary. This should be communicated to the nursing staff, who will manage visitors and put up a notice in the patient's room.

To allow patient's to rest properly, barnaclínic recommends the following timetable of visits:
Mornings:11-14:00 h
Afternoons: 17:30 -20:00 h

Patient's clothing
Patients are encouraged to use their own clothes (pajamas, nightgowns or dressing gowns), subject to medical approval, although we recommend using the clothes provided by barnaclínic on admission. When necessary, such as for medical tests or preparation for surgery, the patient should follow the instructions given by the nursing staff.

Personal services
Barnaclinic+  offers a wide range of personal patient services on demand:

  • Hairdressing salon, manicure and pedicure
  • External laundry and dry cleaners for the patient’s own clothes and those of their companions
  • Ordering out of meals for family and companions
  • Psychological support
  • Physiotherapy
  • Permanent professional carer in the individual room

Transport services and lodging
The Patient Care service offers the following services:

  • Hotel information and bookings. Apartment-hotels close to barnaclinic+
  • Transfer from the city from origin to Barcelona and vice versa
  • Pick-ups from airports, ports or train station and transfer to barnaclinic+

Religious Services
The Hospital Clinic has a Catholic chapel on the first floor where Mass is said at different times. Please consult staff for information.

Individual visits by a priest can be arranged by consulting nursing staff. Religious requirements for other denominations are available on demand.

International Patients
Barnaclinic+  cares for patients from all over the world. Patients can be attended in English and French by medical and nursing staff. If necessary an interpreter can be provided for other languages on demand.

The Patient Care Manager is responsible for providing an estimated cost of your stay. Patients or their representatives should ensure that a minimum of 50% of the estimated cost is paid before admission. The remaining amount becomes due when the patient is discharged.

Barnaclinic+ never provides an estimate before the patient has been evaluated by the corresponding physician, either in person or by correspondence.

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BarnaclinicPlus | Group Hospital Clinic Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

  • Agustí García-Navarro, Àlvar
  • Agustí García-Navarro, Carles
  • Almenara Santacristina, Raúl
  • Amores Bell, Joan
  • Anaya Blanco, Melvis
  • Anaya Blanco, F. Melvis
  • Andreu Martí, Alba
  • Arrizabalaga Clemente, Pilar
  • Arroyo Pérez, Vicente
  • Asunción Márquez, Jordi
  • Ballester Rodés, Eugeni
  • Bartra Tomàs, Joan
  • Bernal Sprekelsen, Manuel
  • Berruezo Sánchez, Antonio
  • Betriu Gibert, Amadeu
  • Biete Solá, Albert
  • Blanch Alejandro, Jose Luis
  • Blanch Andreu, Jordi
  • Bordas Alsina, Josep M
  • Bori Toneu, Guillem
  • Bosch Genover, Xavier
  • Bosch Genover, Jaume
  • Botet Mussons, Francesc
  • Brugada Terradellas, Josep
  • Bruguera Cortada, Miquel
  • Bruix Tudó, Jordi
  • Caballeria Rovira, Juan
  • Caballero Borrego, Miguel
  • Callejas Pérez, M. Antonio
  • Campo Voegeli, Antonio
  • Campo Guerai, Elias
  • Caparrós Algarra, F. Xavier
  • Cardenas Vasquez, Andrés
  • Cardona Aparici, Mª Montserrat
  • Carmona Herrera, Francisco
  • Carreño Martínez, María del Mar
  • Casals Solé, Francesc J
  • Casanovas Ruiz-Fornells, August
  • Castaña Rofes, Ramón
  • Castel Lavilla, M Angeles
  • Castel Lavilla, Maria Ã?ngeles
  • Castellá Pericás, Manuel
  • Castells Garangou, Antoni
  • Castelo-Blanco Flores, Camil
  • Catalán Biel, Miquel
  • Cervantes, Francisco
  • Cervera Segura, Ricard
  • Coca, Antonio
  • Combalia Aleu, Andrés
  • Conill Llobet, Carlos
  • Darnell, Alexandre
  • Davi Armengol, Esteban
  • Delgado Rivilla, Salvadora
  • Delgado Rivilla, Salvadora
  • Díaz Hernández, Doris
  • Elizalde Frez, J. Ignasi
  • Enseñat Nora, Joaquim
  • Erdozain Eguaras, Mª Ã?ngeles
  • Esmatjes Mompò, Enric
  • Espinosa Garriga, Gerard
  • Farrus Lucaya, Blanca
  • Fernández Esparrach, Mª Gloria
  • Fernández Solà, Joaquim
  • Fernández Gómez, Javier
  • Fernández Esparrach, Mª Gloria
  • Fernández-Cruz Pérez, LaureanoFerrer Monreal, Miquel
  • Feu Caballé, Faust
  • Fontdevila Font, Joan
  • Fontdevila Font, Joan
  • Forns Bernhardt, Xavier
  • Francino Batlle, Antoni
  • Fuster Obregón, José
  • Galard Hernández, Juan José
  • Gallart Castany, Xavier
  • García Madrid, Cesar
  • García-Pagán, Juan Carlos
  • García-Valdecasas Salgado, Juan Carlos
  • Gascon, Joaquím
  • Gastó Ferrer, Cristobal
  • Gatell Artigas, Josep M
  • Gilabert Solé, Rosa
  • Gimferrer, Josep Maria
  • Gimferrer, Jose Mª
  • Ginès Gibert, Pere
  • Ginès Gibert, Mª Angels
  • Ginès Gibert, Pere
  • Gironès Coromina, Montse
  • Grau, Josep M.
  • Graus Ribas, Francesc
  • Grimalt Santacana, Ramon
  • Gual Solé, Antoni
  • Guarch i Domènech, Joana
  • Guisantes Pintos, Eva
  • Heras Fortuny, Maria Magdalena
  • Hernández Vallvé, Carlos
  • Hernández Rodríguez, José
  • Hernández Plaza, Lourdes
  • Jou Colell, Pedro
  • Lacima Vidal, Gloria
  • Lacy Fortuny, Antonio M
  • Llach Vila, Josep
  • Lozano de Luaces, Vicente
  • Lozano Molero, Miguel
  • Maculé Beneyto, Francisco
  • Malvehy Guilera, Josep
  • Mañero Vázquez, Iván
  • Marín Galindo, José Luis
  • Marrades Sicart, Ramon Mª
  • Martínez Pastor, Juan Carlos
  • Martínez Román, Sergio
  • Mas Ordeig, Antoni
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  • Maurel Santasusana, Joan
  • Mestres Lucio, Carlos-Alberto
  • Miró Meda, José María
  • Momblán García, Dulce
  • Monner Peña, Mª Eugenia
  • Mont Girbau, Lluís
  • Montserrat Canal, Josep
  • Moreno Cuartas, Luis Alfonso
  • Mulet Melia, Jaime
  • Muñoz Rubio, Teresa
  • Muñoz Gómez, José
  • Navarro Colàs, Salvador
  • Navarro Odriozola, Victor
  • Navasa Anadon, Miquel
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  • Nogués Siuraneta, Susanna
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  • Picado Vallés, César
  • Piqué Badia, Josep Maria
  • Poch López de Briñas, Esteban
  • Poggio Cano, Daniel
  • Pomar Moya-Prats, José Luis
  • Prat, Salvi
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  • Rametti, Giuseppina
  • Rami González, Lorena
  • Ramos Casals, Manuel
  • Riambau Alonso, Vicente
  • Riba i Ferret, Josep
  • Rimola Castellà, Antoni
  • Roca Torrents, Josep
  • Rodés Teixidor, Joan
  • Rodríguez Roisin, Roberto
  • Roig i Minguell, Eulàlia
  • Romero Cela, Soledad
  • Roqué Moreno, Mª Mercè
  • Rull Ortuño, Antonio Ramón
  • Sabaté Tenas, Manel
  • Sánchez Fueyo, Alberto
  • Sánchez Tapias, Josep M
  • Sanllehí Vallejo-Nájera, Guillermo
  • Sans Cuffi, Miguel de los Santos
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  • Sastre Solsona, Sergi
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  • Vilardell Latorre, Enric
  • Villoslada Díaz, Pablo
  • Xaubet Mir, Antoni

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