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Multiple Foot Issues Resolved with One-Stitch Surgery by Expert - by: PlacidWay

R. E. is a retired teacher who had long dealt with painful mobility issues caused by bunions and hammertoes on both her feet. Read ger story on how the teacher became free of pain by means of a less c...

Interview with Dr Richard M Cowin DPM - by: Alexandra Brad

PlacidWay has caught-up with Dr. Richard M. Cowin, Laser Foot Surgery Specialist, in an interview and asked him some questions about the nature of his practice, expertise and technique that have ma...

Podiatry Services Offers Foot Relief - by: PlacidWay | The Laser Foot Surgery Institute

Foot surgery is the focus of Dr. Richard M. Cowin and the Laser Foot Surgery Institute in Orlando, Florida. The Laser Foot Surgery Institute focuses procedures on minimally invasive (or one-stitch)...

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