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Cape Town, South Africa
CapeRetreat is a private residential rehabilitation clinic, with a mission to ensure recovery of individuals who suffer from addiction, psychological trauma, and stress-related problems. Find out more about CapeRetreat and their application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Harmony Addictions Clinic

Cape Town, South Africa
Harmony Addictions Clinic is located in the beautiful Cape Town South Africa. The Harmony Addictions Clinic specializes in Addiction Treatment Welness. Harmony Addictions Clinic is dedicated to the constant pursuit of excellence committed to high quality medical care featuring experienced and trained professionals and using the latest technology. In order to contact the medical center please fill out the contact form.

Stepping Stones Rehab Centre

Cape Town, South Africa
Stepping Stones Rehab Centre is located in Cape Town South Africa and offers numerous Addiction Treatment options for disorders like Alcohol Addiction Anorexia Bulimia Drug Addiction Gambling Addiction Internet Addiction Methadone Addiction Shopping Addiction Smoking Addiction and many more. Offering pocket-friendly costs and featuring the latest technology and a renowned team of medical specialists Stepping Stones Rehab Centre welcomes both international and local patients.
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