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Were you diagnosed with diabetes? Are looking for an alternative treatment abroad? The stem cell therapy for diabetes is offered in multiple renowned clinics in Mexico can be the solution you are searching for!
Latin America Medical Care is an all-inclusive Medical Tourism Facilitator, with the main goal of offering its clients complete medical solutions, advice, information and guidance throughout the entire medical journey in Latin America.
Type 2 Diabetes is a common problem today. Renovation Stem Cell Institute has come up with Stem Cell Therapy Package for Type 2 Diabetes as an effective relief from the problem.
A specialized Stem Cell Therapy and Cancer Treatment clinic in Tijuana, Mexico which have been successfully treating patients for the last 3 decades. The clinic is headed by Dr. Rivkah Lopez who believes in offering a targeted and customized treatment plan to her patients as well as a supportive after-care program.
Gillian Bennett

The doctor called me on the date and time she said she would. The only issue I had was that several times I sent them an email and it bounced back as undeliverable.

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