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Dear Dr. Smikodub,

I am pleased to say that my CD4+ cells have gone from 21 to 57 between 20 March and 20 May. Although I have had an infection in my IV port that may have come about due to the stronger immune response, the overall effect is good. My weight has gone from 100 lbs. to 121 lbs this morning.

Re. papers you gave me, I have forwarded them to people at DOT and DOE in Washington, DC, and am receiving favorable support in getting them to the New England Journal, into hands that can be useful in following up on the data. My own personal endorsement will go along.

I have been trying to reach the Greenbergs, and will be sending them data and bloodwork results as soon as I reach them. Things are good, and I think I shall return in either September or October, perhaps with a delegation of other patients for treatment.

Finally, I am pleased to report that on 14 June in Stockholm, I am being given the Honorable Medal of Konstantin E. Tsiolkovski, and although I will not receive it in person, and quite proud of the medal. Mr. Hospodar, for his part, has been studying Russian and is making great progress.

Thanks again for all your assistance.

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