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Spinal Surgery at Blue Net Hospitals Los Cabos, Mexico
Myriam Woort-Menker's Testimonial

BlueNet Hospital Spine Surgery  Mexico I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the way I was cared for in your hospital after the horrific accident I had while on vacation in Los Cabos, last February.

From the moment your paramedics picked me up at the accident scene to the day I left your hospital to go back home to the States to start my long recovery, I was very grateful to find such high level of care and professionalism from everyone in your staff.

As I said, it started with the paramedics: the way they assessed the situation, made sure they had me stabilized in the stretcher, took their time before picking me up, and starting the way back up to the ambulance, and the drive to the hospital; that professionalism at this critical early stage made a world of difference, as in my situation at the time, any wrong move could have made matters a lot worse.

At our arrival at the Blue Medical Net Hospital, my husband and I met with Drs. Garcia Vinay, Chavez, and Mangino. Their perfect knowledge of English made it so much easier for us to communicate and understand the gravity of the situation, as neither of us speak Spanish. We immediately felt relieved that at least language was not going to be an issue.

After all the necessary x-rays and cat scans, we met again with the doctors who advised us against transportation back home. They recommended having the surgery -they would get their spinal surgeon specialist, Dr. Roberto Riestra, to fly in from another hospital the next day. When my husband called a back surgeon specialist in New York, Dr. Casden, he agreed after reviewing the x-rays, that any further transport was too risky. I must say that the professional manner of all the doctors in your hospital, the way they took time to explain everything to us, made us feel that I was in good hands.

The surgery took long the next day, but everything went well. The private room I was in met high standards. The whole nursing staff was so nice and competent. Although I was away from home and had a very serious injury, I felt that I had been lucky to be in such good care.

I would like to also thank you for helping us gather the necessary documents to arrange for a smooth transport back home. The air ambulance flight back home went as well as I could have expected. The medical staff on board was very attentive all the way to our destination, Beth Israel Hospital in New York City.

Finally, we are ever so grateful for the way you have facilitated and provided all the necessary documents in dealing with our own insurance company. Your prompt response to our queries, even after our return, was greatly appreciated, and helped us get reimbursed in good time.

When we look back at our ordeal, we realize that despite the horrific accident, we have many reasons to be grateful: one of them is to have found such good care in a foreign country at your hospital.

Thank you.
Myriam Woort-Menker
Rye, New York BlueNet Hospital Spine Surgery



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