Clinica Barraquer in Bogota, Colombia Reviews from Real Patients

Clinica Barraquer in Bogota, Colombia Reviews from Real Patients

Avenida Calle 100 No. 18A - 51
Focus Area: Eye Surgery | LASIK | Cornea Transplant | Strabismus | Glaucoma Surgery | Cataract Surgery | Bogota, Colombia

About Clinica Barraquer

Clinica Barraquer, located in Bogota, Colombia, is a renowned eye surgery clinic which offers top treatments and procedure to local and international patients.

Eye/Lasik Care Reviews in Bogota, Colombia at Clinica Barraquer

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    I really liked it. Excellent professionals and seriousness with appointments. Some a bit far but that happens from time to time

    Google Sep 16 2021
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    It seems to me an excellent clinic, super recommended.

    Google Aug 26 2021
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    The best ophthalmology clinic in the world

    Google Oct 22 2021
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    Excellent clinic, its medical specialists are the best in the world, it is worth paying such an expensive fee since its professionals are excellent, I also left with the security of a timely and effective diagnosis. I recommend the Barraquer Clinic a thousand times!

    Google Jan 19 2022
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    It is an excellent clinic, it also has a service that other entities do not have, such as ophthalmological emergencies 24 hours a day, as a user I highly recommend the Barraquer Clinic.

    Google Feb 02 2022