Which Are the Clinics That Offer Ibogaine Treatment?

Ibogaine is a substance that caught the attention of many researchers; it can contribute to treating addiction, especially drug and alcohol addiction.

Ever since the 60s, scientists and former drug addicts, reported beneficial effects that this substance may have when treating drug and alcohol addiction.

Ibogaine is extracted from the root of an African shrub, called Tabernanthe iboga. It can inhibit the addiction symptoms of certain drugs (such as heroin, cocaine) and alcohol. According to researchers, ibogaine acts on the brain by creating a protein at the metabolic level. This protein blocks the brain area responsible for generating the need that fuels addiction. Thus, the healing process may take several months for a normal detoxification program.

Those addicted to cocaine, heroin, alcohol, methadone, crack, barbiturates, marijuana, nicotine, morphine, benzodiazepines may have the best chance of getting cured. Ibogaine can be also used to treat computer gaming addiction, ADHD, emotional/psychological trauma.

Worldwide, there are several clinics that offer Ibogaine treatment packages to medical tourists. Depending on the patient’s addiction, needs and overall health status, the treatment plan will be customized in order to obtain the best results.

                                                                Ibogaine Treatment Clinics:

  • Offer innovative, cost-effective treatment plans, whith a comprehensive structure
  • Offer modern and individualized treatment programs
  • Have a supportive, professional medical staff
  • Have trained, experienced and qualified medical specialists 
  • Provide a favourable and comfortable environment to all of their patients

                                                  Ibogaine Treatment Clinics You Can Visit:

Dr. Vorobiev Russian Rehab Clinic, Moscow, Russia

Dr. Vorobiev | Serbian Rehab Clinic, Belgrade, Serbia

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Cheapest Addiction Treatment price in is $3395. Average Addiction Treatment cost $17699, where prices can go as high as $45000. PlacidWay Medical Tourism provides cost comparison of Addiction Treatment in . Explore Addiction Treatment prices worldwide.

Cheapest Addiction Treatment price is $3395. Average Addiction Treatment cost $17699, where prices can go as high as $45000. PlacidWay Medical Tourism provides cost comparisons for Addiction Treatment in different countries worldwide. Explore Addiction Treatment prices worldwide.

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