Are Baby Boomers in a Medical Crisis?

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Are Baby Boomers in a Medical Crisis?

As the year 2011 approaches the first wave of baby boomers will reach retirement age.  In past generations, families were large and there were a number of children to take care of the elderly.  In the baby boomer generation, families are much smaller.  The result is that they need to try to stay healthy as long as possible so that they can remain independent.


Baby boomers have to think about their future, which means that they have to consider different health care and health insurance options.  The problems Baby Boomers are faced with are the increasingly high rise in health care costs.


One argument is the level of care and technology has improved, therefore the increasing cost of healthcare is justified.  And in fact the number of deaths may have decreased, but the number of people that are able to afford these new treatments is shrinking.


The looming challenge in front of baby boomers is to get the best value for their money.  That is why many baby boomers are looking at medical tourism as an option.  Medical tourism is the practice of traveling to a destination to get better and affordable health care.


Why is this lucrative option for baby boomers?  You get more value for your money.  Other countries are offering the same medical services that people can find in the United States, Canada or Great Britain.  Two of these countries, Canada and Great Britain, have a socialized medicine program.  This means that there are long waits for procedures, and many people become severely ill before they can ever get an appointment with a specialist.


Medical tourism helps resolve this problem.  Countries such as India, Thailand, Mexico and Norway offer state of the art treatments, and patients can make appointments right away.  This bodes well for the baby boomers that need treatment for age related diseases such as cardiovascular, orthopedics, and arthritis.


In addition to getting a quick appointment, the cost is just a portion of what it would cost for the same procedure locally.  Baby Boomers on fixed incomes can get the treatments they need and actually be able to afford it.


One other benefit for baby boomers is they get to travel abroad.  In addition to getting treatments at internationally accredited institutions they are able to travel around the world and see places that they had promised themselves they would see.


Medical Tourism is on the rise, especially in the baby boomer age group.  There is a wonderful place to go to find out about these life saving destinations and even book a flight right on the same site,  This one stop site offers a list of some of the world’s premiere traditional as well as alternative medicine clinics.  You can review these clinics, make an appointment and plan your trip.  The best part about is that it is free.  So if you are worried about medical costs, you should log on the PlacidWay today to get treatment of your choice at a destination you desire.  

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