PlacidWay Announces Relationship with Dental Cluster in Colombia

PlacidWay Announces Relationship with Dental Cluster in Colombia

PlacidWay has developed a relationship with the Medellin Dental Cluster, part of Medellin’s Health City, providing a variety of dental services and procedures in Colombia, one of Latin America's premier destinations for health and dental care.

PlacidWay, an international medical and dental resource located in Denver, Colorado, has recently announced a relationship with the Medellin Dental Cluster in Medellin, Colombia. Dental surgery in Colombia provides domestic and international travelers with high quality dental treatments and procedures in one of Latin America's most popular destinations for health and dental care.

"We are proud to develop such a relationship with the Medellin Dental Cluster," states Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay. “We are continually dedicated to finding the best and highly qualified, experienced and skilled dental providers in the Latin American destinations as well as the world. Everyone deserves to smile, and benefit from the best in oral and dental care, treatments and procedures."

As part of Medellin Health City, the Medellin Dental Cluster provides oral health specialists and highly trained and experienced general dentists that treat nearly 4,000 international patients every year. The 140 dental specialists that compose Medellin Dental Cluster see more than 70,000 patients annually, offering excellent, experienced and qualified dental services integrated into the Colombian health care system. Columbia's health system is considered one of the best in Latin America and is highly rated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Numerous dental centers belonging to the Medellin Dental Cluster, each of which provides options and specialties based on need. Services provided by the dental cluster include general dentistry, root canal, cosmetic dentistry and prosthesis, dental implants, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery and stomatology, as well as pediatric dentistry services.

"We are recognized throughout the Americas and several European countries for the quality of our dental services," states Dr. Hernán Vélez of the Dental Center, a member of the Medellin Dental Cluster. "Medellin is a friendly city that welcomes tourists, making it an attractive and fun place to visit."

Staff at Medellin Dental Cluster has obtained certification and accreditation by numerous organizations including Accredited Skills for Industry (ASFI), an accreditation organization that offers qualifications relevant to specific industries and specialties.


by: PlacidWay | Medellin Dental Cluster

2012-12-19 / Updated on: 2022-01-23

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