Native American Travels to Costa Rica for Dental Implants

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Native American Travels to Costa Rica for Dental Implants

Pete J., a Native American living in Denver, Colorado, noticed a slow progression in his inability to chew properly. It seemed like when he closed his mouth, his lower jaw didn't align properly with this upper jaw. The previous year, four of Pete's teeth had been extracted due to infection. Up until that point, Pete had not paid too much attention to his teeth, as he didn't have any cavities or problems. Long periods of time, sometimes years, separated his dental appointments, but he figured that if something wasn't wrong, there was no need to go to the dentist.

Unfortunately, Pete had received a cut in his mouth following a minor car accident, which eventually resulted in the extraction of four of his teeth. Now, Pete was having difficulty chewing properly and was growing concern about the long-term impact of the missing teeth, his chewing ability, and his jaw line as well as the health of other bones in his mouth. He has grown increasingly self-conscious and has avoided dining or even smiling in public due to the gaping holes in his mouth. Due to his lack of confidence and his appearance, he has found it quite difficult to obtain any direct customer-related positions.

Pete looked into dental implants and crowns in his area, but couldn't afford them in his hometown. He considered bridges, but wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Of course, cost and quality were vitally important to Pete, and if he could find a viable option, he didn't care if he had to do some traveling to get his teeth problems resolved. After doing some price comparisons and research on dental tourism, Pete found that he could travel to Costa Rica for four dental implants, purchase a flight ticket, and stay at a hotel for half the price it would cost to have the teeth taken care of in his native town.

Continuing his research, Pete found a locally based online medical provider and resource where he was able to engage in in-depth research regarding a number of dental facilities, dentists, and oral surgeons in Costa Rica.

After researching the facilities, dentists and oral surgeons he was interested in, he further narrowed down a search through the Internet in regard to customer feedback, training, qualifications, and experience of his choices. In less than a week, Pete had narrowed down his search to one dental provider in Costa Rica, made arrangements with that dental clinic, and booked his travel.

Pete had not realized how many options had been available to him by just "thinking outside the box", which also saved him thousands of dollars. Pete's dental implants look natural, have restored his chewing function and jaw alignment, and have helped him become more confident in public.

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