Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Offers Innovative Dental Treatment


Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is a modern center fitted with state-of-the-art technology. Since it was founded BPH has aimed towards perfection, continuous improvement and overstepping its boundaries when it comes to technology.

Currently, BPH has more than 100 specialists that  work with modern high-tech medical equipment to help the medics provide accurate diagnoses and the best currently available treatments to their patients. The hospital features MRI scan, 64-slice CT scan, 3D and 4D Ultrasound , OCT scan for retinal tomography, Picture Archiving and Communication System and  Completely electronic patient record.

Recently, BPH has upgraded its Dental Cosmetic and Implant Center, with a new Endomicroscope which helps dentists provide an easier and more effective dental treatment. Using the microscope in Endodontics reduces the time of the procedures due to greater visibility of the root canal, reduces the possibility of procedural errors and simplifies complicated cases.

The Endomicroscope offers the following benefits:

  • Locates the entrance to the root canal, otherwise too difficult to treat
  • Surgical Implantation in some positions
  • Reduces the process and treatment time
  • Eliminates the unnecessary dentin scrolling
  • Improves treatment in difficult and complicated cases

It's been 21 years since Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has been offering excellent treatments to its patients from all over the world. Thanks to its latest technological equipment and highly experienced medics, BPH is able to offer its patients the best currently available treatments for various diseases and illnesses.

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