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Just as the Kostelic family is a Croatian Sports brand, so is Telme Selce, headed by M.D. Vlasta Brozicevic, a Croatian health brand.

When you mention the Kostellc family and the planetary successes of Janica and Ivica, it must be mentioned that Dr Viasta Brozicevic owner of the Terme Selce, is an indispensable part of their lives. After Janica's horrible fall in St. Moritz, when everyone was predicting the end of her sports career a doctors' council at the Basel Bruderholz Hospital Successfully operated on our snow queen, restoring the hope of her return to the ski tracks. But there was a long way ahead for her full recovery. The best hospital in the world for sports injuries recommended Dr. Brozicevic to the Kostelic family, and Janica spent her rehabilitation in Selce.

Since that moment, the lives of Dr Brozicevic and her associates was never the same. They were taking care of the best woman skier of all times, as it eventually turned out. An unbelievable persistence and love for skiing, but also a unique organism with unimaginable high pain tolerance brought Janica back to the ski tracks. The other member of this incredible sports family has also gone through several difficult operations (even three on the right knee), and one of the reasons why Ivica fulfilled his boyhood dream, an Olympic medal, is related to Dr Brozicevic.

Working in the state administrative sector along with her husband, she soon realized that in the sports medicine she would not be able to realize everything she had conceived in her mind. She then realized the idea of a private polyclinic for sports injuries and opened Terme Selce in her family home. Employees of Terme Selce create a real family atmosphere. The guests have four apartments for their accommodation and the facilities are equipped with the best instruments for rehabilitation. Besides Janica and Ivica Kostellc, any Croatian and world famous football players have visited Terme Selce and Dr Brozicevic. Dr Brozicevic further educated her employees by her example of how to communicate with athletes, who are often in psychological shock in those moments.

When I first entered the lobby of the Terme, I was surprised by how friendly, cheerful and wholehearted the employees are, and this is crucial, in the words of Dr. Brozicevic, for an athlete's recovery.

We help them with their rehabilitation, but we are also friends, psychologists, because this is what they need in those difficult moments- says Dr Brozicevic.

And now, let us return to the beginning of the story. Janica and Ivica Kostellc are a Croatian sports family with the most trophies, but if someone had fore-told those great results after all the injuries they suffered, many would have said: dreams, only dreams..... But the Kostellc family and Dr Brozicevic followed their dreams, and we can only be grateful for that. When you next visit the Crlkvenica Riviera and see the sign Selce, visit Terme; remember that this is the place where one of the most beautiful sports stories took place. And, the next time you see Janica or Ivica on the ski podium, keep in mind that the Kostellc family is a Croatian sports brand, and Terme Selce, headed by Dr Viasta Brozicevic, is a Croatian health brand.

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