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Top 10 Destinations for Stem Cell Therapy around the World

Top 10 Stem Cell Therapy Destinations

Top 10 Destinations for Stem Cell Therapy Around the World

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Stem Cell Therapy has made tremendous progress over the past decade. The years of approved clinical trials have shown that stem cell therapy works for certain conditions. Patients should understand that although stem cell therapy can do wonders for some diseases and illnesses, it is not for everything and everyone.

Before choosing to undergo stem cell therapy, patients should undergo a thorough research about the viability of the treatment in a certain country. Unfortunately, there are many clinics which state that they are accredited and that their treatment is approved, only to attract patients and money. Stem cell therapy can be categorized into:

1. Clinically-proven stem cell therapy

Such a clinical trial program costs millions of dollars, therefore only a few accredited institutions and centers had the possibility to undergo such programs.

2. Non-approved stem cell therapy in accredited centers

Competent physicians working in accredited centers can offer non-approved stem cell therapies, as long as the patient is informed about the risks and the lack of scientific support.

3. Fraudulent stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy can be offered by clinics with no accreditation and by physicians with questionable competency. They are the ones who do exaggerated promotional claims about the efficacy and safety of stem cell therapy, which has no scientific backing.

Stem Cell Therapy Destinations

Studies made so far suggest that stem cells have the potential of developing into different types of cells and so repair the tissue and organs affected by various medical conditions. There are hundreds of different stem cells in our bodies, which are formed at different times in our lives and with different purposes. The embryonic stem cells are found only in the early stages of development, while adult stem cells develop and remain in our bodies the entire life.

Stem cell therapy gives hope where mainstream medical science fails to offer results.  So far, the most common stem cell therapy is blood stem cell transplantation for conditions and diseases of the blood, the immune system or to restore the blood after treatments for certain cancer types. Some injuries or diseases of the bone, cornea or skin can be treated using grafted tissue which depends on stem cells from these parts of the body. But people should understand that like any other type of treatment, stem cell therapy can have side effects, and these can vary from individual to individual.

As people will try anything to see at least a slight improvement in their health or their dear ones, more and more are flocking to other countries and to clinics which promote safe and successful stem cell therapy for a multitude of serious conditions. Stem Cell Tourism, as it is called, is in a continuous expansion as patients want to try the promising therapy. But which are the best destinations for stem cell therapy?

Top 10 Destinations for Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy Abroad

South Korea

South Korea has made tremendous progress in stem cell research, thanks to the country's flexible policies in this matter. Scientists have been able to develop stem cells which genetically match patients of all genders, ages, and races, which means that they can produce stem cells that fit each individual's needs and with a lower risk of rejection. South Korea might soon get to the forefront of stem cell research.

Stem Cell Clinic: Yonsei Sarang Hospital


Mexico is a popular destination among medical tourists with plenty of stem cell research centers. Over the years the country has attracted top scientists from all over the world, offering them a host of incentives and the authorization to use embryos for research. This has helped the country to become one of the top stem cell destinations.

Stem Cell Clinic: MexStemCells Clinic


China, world-famous for its acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, plans to become a leader in stem cell research and development. In 2012, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science started to evaluate all stem cell centers that were functioning illegally. This is of utmost importance for future medical tourists who will seek approved and safe stem cell therapy in China.

Stem Cell clinic: Beijing Puhua International Hospital


It has been years since patients from the US and Canada have started choosing this destination to get stem cell therapy for serious medical conditions such as paralysis, autism or cerebral palsy. Mexico continues to make tremendous progress in this area and provide safe stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell clinics: Progencell-Stem Cell Therapies

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Germany continues to attract patients coming from all over the world for stem cell therapy. The country is known as Europe's Stem Cell hub, thanks to the tremendous progress made in the Adult Stem Cell research and development.

Stem Cell clinic: German International Clinic


Stem Cell therapy in Ukraine has helped hundreds of patients suffering from cirrhosis, pancreatic necrosis, burn disease, hepatitis, diabetes, critical lower limb ischemia and multiple sclerosis. The positive results of the therapy, continue to attract international patients.

Stem cell clinics:  EmCell ClinicUnique Cell Treatment Clinic


Austria is another destination preferred by medical tourists for stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy in Austria has offered a chance to a normal life to patients suffering from Diabetes, Eye Diseases, Neurological Diseases, Gonarthritis or Peripheral vascular disease.

Stem Cell clinic: Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands is fast-tracking stem cell research and development with new approaches being tested by renowned scientists and physicians. Patients from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East come here to take advantage of the benefits offered by stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Clinic: Garm Clinic


Another stem cell therapy leader in Asia is Thailand, a country which, for the past few years has taken stem cell research to the next level by producing cardiac muscle from human embryonic stem cells, successfully using adult stem cells to treat arthritis and discovering a method to extract stem cells from a human amniotic fluid.

Stem Cell Clinic: StemCells21

Stem Cell Therapy Chronic Diseases

Although stem cell therapy might seem for many the last hope, we advise those who begin this journey to look for and seek help from specialists in this type of medical procedure. Experts will help you choose a safe medical destination and a high-quality hospital. Most of all you must understand that stem cell therapy can help some patients, but never cures them.

Being informed and doing a thorough research about what destination, clinic, and doctor to choose is a must when taking such a decision. Get as much information as you can about the center where you plan to undergo the treatment, try to get real patients testimonials, clinical data evaluation, find out about the centers' and doctors' credentials, detailed evaluation of the procedure they use, what methods and types of stem cells they provide, the real cost of the treatment with all expenditures included (airplane, accommodation, meals, hospital and other fees, etc).

By getting informed you will feel more secure, and traveling abroad for medical care will be a positive life-changing experience.


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