Comparing Affordable Breast Augmentation Prices

Comparing Affordable Breast Augmentation Prices

What is breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation, also known as Augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgery where implants or fat is used with the purpose of increasing the breasts size. When fat is used, the procedure is known as Fat-Transfer Breast Augmentation. In breast augmentation surgery, a breast implant or a fat-graft is inserted, to increases in size. Indeed, the shape and texture of the women’s breasts changes immediately. Breast augmentation can also restore and beautify the breast when weight reduction or pregnancy has taken place on a woman’s life or to reconstruct the breast appearance in a woman undergoing other life challenges.

Breast augmentation procedure can also be part of a reconstruction surgery after an accident, injury or mastectomy. When breast removal surgery is necessary to save a woman’s life, usually one or both breast are removed to eliminate all cancerous cells or tumors from a woman’s breasts. So, a breast reconstruction is needed to renew and improve a woman’s appearance.

During the procedure, the implant utilized on breast augmentation is placed into the breast, and filled with a substance that will give the breast its new size. This substance can be a saline solution or silicone-gel. Other solutions include skin flaps transferred and removed from other parts of the body and allocated on the breast as well. Once this procedure (fat-graft transfer or regular breast augmentation) is finished, the breast sizes will be augmented and the contours will be corrected shaping the breast to a new size that can be easily recognized by the new brassiere cup-size a woman will have to use.

Why choose to go abroad for breast augmentation?

There are a myriad of reasons why international medical travellers from all over the world choose to travel abroad to avail elective procedures such as dental implants and cosmetic surgical procedures. They believe developing countries can offer lower costs for treatments and procedures thus letting patients save more money. The main advantage of undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad such as breast augmentation is the cost. Medical travellers who experienced availing breast augmentation overseas are an affordable option because the cost of implants in their home countries is higher and they cannot afford it. The option for breast augmentation surgery existent in other countries turns out to be higher quality and it will cost half compared to your own country. Usually, an insurance company does not cover breast implants surgery, because it is an elective procedure.

How much can you save with cosmetic surgery abroad?

You can save up to 70% of the cost on your home country. However, always remember in other countries the cost will be lower due the local economy. Indeed low cost abroad is not equal to low quality. On the contraire, you can have a great clinic and doctor for a lower price.

But before making a decision, you must consider the total cost of your medical tourism trip for breast augmentation; you need to look into flights, hotel accommodations, meals, airport transfers and absence from work. From there, decide what is best for you according to your best interests and budget.

Cost of Breast Augmentation by Country







South Africa

Surgical Bliss, Cape Town, South Africa

USD $4,411



Paalvi Centre for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, Mumbai, India

USD $2,500 


Manipal Hospital Goa, Goa, India

USD $1,830 - $2,120


Paalvi Centre for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, Mumbai, India

USD $2,500

South Korea

Seoul Surgical Hospital, Seoul, South Korea

USD $7,000


Asia Cosmetic Thailand, MueangNonthaburi, Thailand

USD 3,000 - $5,000


Le Vira Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand

USD $2,567 - $4,458


Nirunda Clinic | Plastic Surgery, Bangkok, Thailand

USD $4,800 - $6,000


V Plast Clinic, Pattaya, Thailand

USD $4,545


Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Starts at USD $3,120



Dr.Toncic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Zagreb, Croatia

USD $4,839

Czech Republic

Fertimed | Fertility Center ,Olomouc, Czech Republic 

USD $3,240

Czech Republic

Forme Clinic | Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery ,Prague, Czech Republic

USD $3,735


Institute for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Dr Christian Lenz, Munich, Germany

USD $8,135


KCM Clinic ,Jelenia Gora, Poland

USD $4,782


Columna Medical Center ,Bucharest, Romania 

USD $4,320


RC Health Spain RC EsteticaMedica Integral, Madrid, Spain

USD $7,173


Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland 

USD $14,500


Cevre Private Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

USD $6,909


Ekol Hospitals, Izmir, Turkey

USD $2,595.96


Pureline Aesthetic Clinic, Antalya, Turkey

USD $4,311

North America

Costa Rica

Clinica Rivera | Cosmetic Surgery, San Jose, Costa Rica

USD $3,500


Dr. Gustavo Yanez - Plastic Surgeon, Tijuana, Mexico

USD $3,300


Dr. Juan Luque - Plastic Surgeon, Mexicali, Mexico

USD $3,900


GRS Mexico, Guadalajara, Mexico

USD $4,200-$5,200


Family Hospital | Hospital de la Familia, Mexicali, Mexico

USD 4,500


Maurice Aceves-Plastic Aesthetic Surgeon, Mexicali, Mexico

USD $4,300


SurgimedClinica, Ensenada, Mexico

USD 4,400


Perfection Makeover and Laser Center, Cancun, Mexico

USD $3,500

South America


Clinica Robles Plastic Surgery Clinic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

USD $3,300 - $4,200


Arzes Plastic Surgery Center, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

USD $2,460

How to choose a cosmetic surgery clinic abroad?

In the world of medical tourism, cosmetic surgery clinics are working in a highly competitive market; indeed they look forward making patients (particularly international patients), feel happy, comfortable and confident, like they were at home.

Private doctors abroad (this includes cosmetic surgeons) will utilize the most modern equipment in their facilities, to serve international patients looking for breast augmentation. The private clinics abroad are accustomed in working with international patients. Additional services they provide include cultural mediation and language translation services.  These private clinics also have a great and experienced staff of nurses and surgical doctors for particular international patients. Some of these clinics will even organize your health itinerary with side trips (e.g. sightseeing after the treatment or procedure), book hotels for you and your companion (if you have one) and pick you up at the airport when you arrive.

If that is not enough, remember that your cosmetic surgery abroad will also involve higher quality medical equipment/supplies too compared to the ones you will get in your home country if you try to undergo a procedure at a cheaper price. Indeed, if you are the adventurous medical traveller, medical tourism offers you great advantages, quality and great doctors for a lower and very competitive price!

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