My experience with Dr Tomas Brosto has been life changing. I had the opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires and experience the life and culture of a European influenced country. My life changed for the better because I made the right choice by selecting Dr. Tomas Brosto for my cosmetic surgery.

I've always wanted to travel to Argentina because I considered it to be the most cosmopolitan country of South America. I was fascinated by the fact that almost all citizens' family back ground was from German, Italy, Turkey, and more... With its beautiful neo gothic century's old buildings and homes along with its statues it reminded me of Pars, France. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina had a mixture of immigrants from Asia that impressed me tremendously. Having traveled to other South American countries, aside from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Buenos Aires has a large number of Asian immigrants. That translated to me, Asian food, from authentic India, to Japanese, and even Chinese I was in a food lover’s heaven in Buenos Aires.

I felt that I was on an amazing vacation while about to have elective cosmetic surgery. 

As soon as I arrived at the air port I was greeted by Christian, my assigned personal driver, I mentioned to him my request to drive slowly and he immediately understood. I was taken to Dr. Tomas Brosto's office and was greeted at the door by a Ms. Laura Szerman, operations manager, she has a warm and gentle nature about her that I immediately felt comfortable and secure with. 

Shortly after, I had my consultation with Dr. Brosto. He automatically made me feel comfortable. We discussed my concerns and he explained his ideas. Dr. Brosto displayed digital photos of work he's done in regards to my surgery. I was impressed by how natural his rhinoplasty patients looked post surgery. 

I knew that my selection in Dr. Brosto was the right one. 

The day of my surgery, Laura was there to calm my slight nerves as well as ensure that I had the best pre and post op rooms and handle my paperwork. Dr. Brosto entered the room and calmed my nerves even more. He made his necessary markings, took photos, and helped me with my surgical shoes, he had the air of humbleness with the control and confidence of one that respected and enjoyed his work.

Surgery time, I was wheeled to the surgery room and my nerves began to slowly creep up on me again, but as soon as I entered Dr. Brosto was there and I quickly forgot that I was about to have surgery. He introduced me to his team and everyone was so friendly they made me feel like I was the center of a party. His second surgeon played music on the CD player and I was off to sleep.

Dr. Tomas Brosto and his exceptional staff welcomed me with the hospitality one could only feel from family. 

Post surgery I woke up with roses from Ms. Szerman and a warm smile. She was like an angel. She attended to my every request. Finally I felt ready to leave the hospital. 

During the days after my surgery I was well attended to by Ms. Szerman. From take out food to pain killers my request were met with exceptional service.

The last day of my post op consultation with Dr. Brosto was a bitter sweet parting. I wanted more time in the comfort of Dr. Brosto and Ms. Szerman. And I wanted to see more of Argentina.

My travel to Argentina was wonderful I had the chance to experience the country that I've always wanted to visit. But nothing could top my experience with Dr. Brosto, his surgical team, and Ms. Szerman. Collectively they changed my life for the better.

Ciao E.A.

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