How to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic

Choose the Best Fertility Clinic

Trying to conceive a child and finding out that you or your partner are infertile can be quite a stressful situation. Fertility in both men and women is a complicated thing, and it takes little for it to be taken out of balance. Generally, a couple is considered infertile if they haven’t been able to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sex. If this does not happen, then the doctor might recommend getting an infertility treatment or an IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) procedure.

When looking for a fertility treatment or an IVF, you have two options:

-Find local fertility clinics– If such treatments are covered by your medical insurance and are available in your surroundings, you should go and check these clinics out and see what the doctors there will tell you. They will usually run tests and recommend the best fertility treatment for you and your partner.


-Find fertility clinics abroad – Alternatively, if these treatments are not covered by the insurance, or are unavailable locally (or there are just better treatments elsewhere), you can look for them abroad. Infertility treatment packages are available all over the world, on every continent, with the prices differing from one country to another.

Whatever the case, whether you choose to go locally or abroad, you have to be able to choose the best treatment option available by making an informed decision. This is important, because the outcome of the treatment will affect both your health and the health of your future child, as well as your chances to conceive it in the first place.

How to make an informed decision?

Being that these procedures are designed to help you conceive, it is vital that you go prepared and to choose wisely the clinic that will perform it. After all, any mistakes in the procedure will either result in not conceiving or in more detrimental health effects for both you and the baby. The best route to an informed decision is through thorough research and comparison. When it comes to fertility clinics, you have to look for as much information about them and then compare that with other clinics that you already have information on.

What to look for when researching medical centers?

  • Qualifications and experience – Fertility clinics are usually heavily regulated by their home countries. Some of them will advertise that they have ISO certification and this is good, because the ISO standard for fertility clinics usually asks for much more than the countries giving licenses. Also, check for doctors’ qualifications and see whether they are attending symposia and other conferences related to fertility treatments. If they are, it shows that they are up to date with the developments in their fields and can provide quality service.
  • Pricing and inclusions – It is always important to check how much the treatment will cost you, especially if you are going abroad. Knowing what’s included in the price will also help you prepare for any other costs which are not a part of the treatment, like transportation to and from the country, as well as transportation around the city, the cost of stay, etc.
  • Check the facilities – The state of the facilities in a fertility clinic can be a good sign of the quality of treatment you will get there. You should always look to find pictures and videos of the facilities and, if possible, have a live talk with the doctor who would work with you on the treatment. Also, see whether you can find some reviews by previous patients and read what they have to say.

Questions to ask before booking

Is the clinic certified by relevant authorities to provide fertility treatments? – Fertility clinics cannot get their licenses if they do not pass heavy regulations issued by their home country. If they do, then you can be sure that they will provide a safe and quality treatment. If they don’t, don’t consider them, as it will put you and your health at risk.

How much will the treatment package cost me? – The cost of the package will depend on many things, notably on travel costs, the type of procedure, how large the clinic is, etc. Don’t always go for the cheapest, as, in some cases, this can mean that something is omitted from the package.

Does the country legally allow the treatment that you want? – Regulations differ from one country to another, and it is possible that some treatments are not legal in certain countries. If the treatment that you want is not legal in one country, choose another, as the clinics which perform these illegal treatments are not checked and work illegally.  

How big is the clinic? – Some couples prefer getting these treatments at hospitals which are smaller, because the staff is able to give them all the attention. On the other hand, other couples prefer big clinics because those have a wider range of options. This all depends on whether you are determined on a single treatment or are not yet sure about what you need.


Future parents have a lot to think about when it comes to conceiving a child. If infertility is the problem, then the solution might lie in one of the infertility treatments which are widely available. Choosing the right one and choosing the right fertility clinic to do the job can be difficult and produce opposite results. To ensure that nothing bad happens to you, your partner, or your child, be sure to research and inform yourself on all the things relevant to these procedures. We are always here to help guide you and answer any questions that you might have. 

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