Stem Cell Therapy in IndiaAll You Need to Know About Stem Cell Therapy in India


Stem Cell Therapy is a procedure that involves using stem cells to treat diseases. Stem Cell Therapy have successfully been used in the treatment of quite a range of diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s disease etc. globally over the years. Stem cells are successfully harvested from bone marrow,placenta, umbilical cord blood to name a few and research is still underway to discover other sources of stem cells.

India has been known as a great destination for stem cell treatment as they are able to offer quality and affordable treatment to those pursuing it. If you are you looking at having Stem Cell therapy in India, you are not lost as you will find quite a range of clinics offering affordable but high quality treatments.


Which Centers Offer Stem Cell Therapy in India?

When finding  Stem Cell Therapy Clinics in India, choosing a clinic can be a challenging considering the long list of clinics you will find.Be sure to look out for things like accreditations of clinics, licenses of specialists, success rate of the treatment, years of experience in Stem Cell Therapy and the kind of stem cell treatment they offer that suits your preference.

By the time you have answers to these questions, you are sure to have picked the appropriate medical center for your stem cell therapy.

What is the Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in India?

The approximate cost of Stem Cell Therapy in India is about $10,200. The cost may vary depending on the medical center you choose and the program proposed to you.

Prices depend on the stem cell therapy treatment you need. For instance, the cost of stem cell therapy treatment for Spinal Cord injury is different from the cost of stem cell therapy for Diabetes because these treatments require different techniques. Make sure to check carefully that the cost of stem cell treatment you are searching for matches your need.


What are the Available Stem Cell Therapy Packages in India?

Stem Cell Therapy Packages in India vary depending on the kind of treatment required. Packages usually include cost of stem cell treatment- administration, stem cell processing , isolation and implantation.Minor costs such as cost of hospital stay, medication, travel expenses, meal and follow-up visits may also be part of the package but will depend on the center.

These package variations depend on the medical center you choose from, hence, it is advisable you take time to review these packages and choose the most suitable to you.


How to Find Good Stem Cell Doctors in India

As you search for Stem Cell Doctors in India, it is important to review their qualifications. A qualified Stem Cell doctor should hold a medical degree, master’s degree with focus in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. He/She must have completed residency training and acquire the appropriate licenses to practice. He/She is also required to have some years of experience in stem cell therapy.

Check out for years of experience in stem cell therapy and how successful past treatments have been.


Reviews and Testimonials For Stem Cell Therapy in India

We always advise our patients to check out the reviews and testimonials of patients’ past experiences so as to guide them when searching for suitable medical centers for their treatment. Make sure to find out patients’ opinion about how the clinic carried out their stem cell treatment and how successful it was.

Also, stem cell therapy patients’ reviews and testimonials will encourage you to be more mindful and avoid mistakes patients in the past might have made.


Questions to Ask Your Stem Cell Doctors in India

Choosing a medical center for your stem cell treatment? We suggest you ask your stem cell doctor the following questions before forging ahead and to be sure you are on the right path.

  • Is your medical center accredited?
  • Do you have all the necessary licenses to practice?
  • How would stem cell therapy help me with my condition?
  • How long will it take me to recover?
  • Are there any complications?
  • What stem cell source will you be using?
  • What is your success rate?
  • Am I a good candidate for this treatment?

Stem Cell Therapy has proven to greatly help with diseases and improve quality of life. As you explore various stem cell therapy clinics, make sure to consider cost, packages, qualifications and accreditation of centers to get desired results. The success on your pursuit for stem cell treatment in India lies on your effort to do research and reviewing your options thoroughly.


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