Health care in the 21st century offers more choices, opportunities, and options than ever before. Not too long ago, medical tourism wasn't taken very seriously, and the most common foreign destinations for travelers were limited to locations in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Today, medical tourism is the wave of the future in health care, with new facilities offering top class, state of the art and high-tech services in locations such as the Barbados, Costa Rica, Croatia, Jordan, South Africa and South Korea.

Physicians and surgeons providing services in excellent health care facilities, spas, and medical retreats now offer a wealth of options for individuals found in hundreds of regions across the world, attracting not only locals, but international travelers from the western hemisphere to quality and compassionate health care.

Cost perspectives in this new era of medical tourism offer affordable yet world-class treatments and procedures to individuals in a variety of medical fields, including orthopedics, obesity and weight loss, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, cardiac care, and stem cell research.

Individuals around the world can now access superlative healthcare without fearing bankruptcy. Europeans and inhabitants of Russia and Southeast Asia are flocking to superlative healthcare facilities in Turkey, Croatia, India, and Thailand and Singapore for cutting edge technology and effective treatments for a variety of illness and disease processes by compassionate, certified and accredited surgeons, medical staff, and facilities focused on the medical needs and comfort of international travelers.

According to the Medical Tourism Association, the next decade will bring an explosion in international healthcare capabilities and options, with over 16,000,000 Americans alone expected to travel to foreign destinations for their medical care. An equal number of individuals from other countries around the world are also expected to travel to regional or international destinations as well.

The upcoming second Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Health Conference is expected to attract over 2000 attendees from 50 different countries, including healthcare experts, Health Ministers, Ministers of Tourism, presidents, vice presidents and medical experts from Africa, Russia, Japan, China, South America, and central European countries. Increasing numbers of insurance companies and insurance providers from around the world are adding medical tourism benefits to their policies. The uninsured and underinsured benefit greatly by these increased options for healthcare.

The Asian Medical tourism industry is expected to reach nearly $10 billion by 2013 and health tourism in Mexico, Central America and South America is not far behind. Countries in Central Europe are seeing the enormous benefit of providing world class medical facilities, procedures and travel packages to international travelers, among them Croatia, the Ukraine, and Turkey.

Increasing numbers of healthcare facilities around the world are now seeking international accreditation and certification by world-renowned organizations such as the Joint Commissions International and the World Health Organization, ensuring and enhancing confidence in services, education and training of healthcare providers around the globe.

The benefits and attraction of combining the best that tourist destinations have to offer with quality, affordable and effective medical procedures is attracting young and old alike.

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