Millions of men and women around the world suffer from hair baldness caused by a variety of medical conditions including infectious disease, parasites, bacteria and fungus. Injuries, burns, and autoimmune diseases that cause partial hair loss afflict thousands of men and women, not only altering physical appearance, but with detrimental effects on self confidence and self esteem. 

One man fought such baldness and ventured from Melbourne, Australia to Buenos Aires, Argentina to enjoy the experience and expertise of Dr. Marcelo Alejo Rodríguez, M.D. and general and plastic surgeon educated and qualified by the University of La Plata School of Medicine, the University of Buenos Aires, and the Ministry of Public Health.

Peter Wilson, an Australian native, had undergone hair transplant and restoration procedures before but was not satisfied with the results. Previously, he had 500 grafts resulting in a minimal change of his appearance. Six years later, while visiting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he decided to undergo hair restoration services offered by Dr. Marcello Rodríguez at his Buenos Aires facility called Pelo + Mas.

"The exchange rate for the Aussie dollar was great," says Wilson, who was thrilled to return to the vibrant and exciting city filled with friendly people, great food and accommodations. Even better, Wilson received VIP treatment from the facility.  "I found it very rewarding that I was taken care of every step of the way, from my arrival of the airport to departure at the airport. Nothing was left to chance. Dr. Marcelo Rodríguez was very professional and easy to communicate with."

Pelo + Mas offers hair loss treatments from alopecia and other conditions in both males and females, using a variety of drug therapies and topical substances catered to the degree and cause of hair loss and baldness. Dr. Marcelo Rodríguez utilizes hair transplants facilitated through the use of follicular units, which is the most successful treatment for nearly every type of baldness.

Peter Wilson, like other patients, both native and international, undergo a thorough pre-surgery test that includes blood testing and an ECG evaluation to determine surgical risk and overall health of potential patients. Patients diagnosed with illnesses or disease processes undergo additional testing to reduce risks and complications for the most effective and beneficial results.

Peter Wilson, like dozens of others before him, express gratitude and appreciation for the skills, expertise and training of hair transplant specialists such as Dr. Marcelo and his staff. Says Wilson, "They showed great concern for my welfare and took special care to make my stay comfortable. Recommending Dr. Marcelo and his team is very easy for me, and my experiences were first class all around."

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