Egypt has become an increasingly popular destination for Europeans seeking excellent, experienced and affordable dental work. One of the most popular locations in Egypt for such care is Hurghada, a premier tourist destination that attracts international visitors from around the world throughout the year.

Hurghada, located on the Red Sea, is famous for its diving and dive sites, scuba diving and windsurfing. Ancient shipwrecks, crystal clear waters, beautiful reefs and aquatic see life attracts thousands of visitors to this peaceful and elegant seaside community. Toward the landward side of Hurghada, vacationers enjoy the desert mountains and desert tours inland.

Hurghada has long been known as a Middle Eastern holiday destination offering five star hotels, deep sea fishing, sailing, diving, and fine and exotic dining opportunities. Hurghada offers a variety of entertainments and things to do for international visitors including shopping, clubbing and easy access to a variety of local and nearby destinations due to its prime location between the Nile River and the Red Sea.

Medical Tourism in Egypt
Medical tourism in Egypt offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to health care, especially when it comes to dental services. Dental treatment in Hurghada provides affordable dental and cosmetic dental surgery in Egypt that enables travelers to combine the best of the ultimate Egyptian vacation with top quality dental treatment. Cosmetic dental services provided by facilities such as PrimaDent Dental Center in Hurghada include but are not limited to endodontic, aesthetic and periodontist dentistry, dental implants, oral surgery, and more, including tooth polishing, fillings, and tooth whitening.

Private as well as government-run hospitals within Egypt are continually enhancing and upgrading medical equipment and technology, especially in major cultural centers such as Hurghada and Cairo. Europeans seeking affordable dental care have found Hurghada not only to offer impressive and exotic tourist destination opportunities, but high-tech dental equipment, technology and procedures and world-class dental facilities. Travel agencies around the world are promoting medical and dental tourism in Egypt, which continues to see rising numbers of travelers accessing Egyptian dental and medical services for affordable and quality care.

Why Dental Care in Egypt?
In recent years, the land of the pharaohs has stepped up to the plate to offer modern and high-tech equipment, technology and training in dental care and procedures to meet the growing needs of not only Egyptian residence, but hordes of travelers from Western Europe, including Germany, France, and Great Britain. Dental experts in Egypt are trained at world renowned Egyptian universities as well as universities throughout Europe and the United States, continuing educational development to keep up with rapidly changing technology and procedures.

Egypt provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the cradle of civilization as well as to take advantage of highly trained and experienced medical and dental professionals in the Middle East.  Says Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Colorado in the United States, "We are seeing a growing trend of not only Europeans, but inhabitants from South Africa, Latin America and the United States traveling to Egypt for world-class dental care.  Open borders, dental care options and affordable dental procedures coupled with the ultimate in tourist vacation destinations has made Egypt a leader in the medical tourism field in recent years."

The dry and warm climate of Egypt attracts visitors from around the world who take advantage of mineral hot springs, black sand and other health and wellness therapies the environment in Egypt offers. Whether visitors flock to Cairo or Hurghada, visit the Giza pyramid complex or the tombs of ancient Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings, health tourism in Egypt provides the best in seaside resort living and vacationing, affordable dental and medical care and a unique opportunity to experience dental care abroad amid white sands, blue skies and topaz seas.

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