Growing numbers of citizens as well as regional and international travelers of Western Russia, Georgia, Albania and Turkmenistan are traveling to Turkey to meet their healthcare needs.  Turkmenistan and other former Soviet countries such as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan basically inherited a medical and health care program from the Soviet system of universal health care, which still is relatively behind the times when it comes to medical equipment, technology, and facilities. To meet growing health care needs and provide options for treatments and procedures, citizens from surrounding countries are venturing to Turkey's major cities like Istanbul for state of the art, world-class and high-tech medical treatments.

Growing Needs For Healthcare
Citizens from Georgia and Western Russia, as well as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Albania and Armenia want choices and options in health care, which includes excellent and experienced physicians and surgeons, modern technology and equipment, and clean facilities for treatments in everything from orthopedic hip resurfacing to cardiac care, dental care, and reconstructive plastic surgical procedures.

In many localities throughout Turkmenistan and neighboring countries, studies have shown that medical care standards and training are lacking. High mortality rates, lack of facilities, and shortages of supplies and medicines make providing adequate health care to inhabitants difficult if not impossible. In recent years, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and areas of western Russia including Georgia, have developed and grown medical health care facilities, demanded higher standards of training and education for medical personnel, and is working hard to provide more adequate care for its citizens.

Providing Options
However, despite such improvements, wait times for services are still long and accessibility to such services are often limited. Citizens of such countries, including expatriates, are traveling to dental, vision, orthopedic and general care facilities throughout Turkey to meet their needs. Facilities in Turkey offer medical travelers fertility treatments, chronic disease care, cancer treatments and orthopedic, cosmetic, and obesity or bariatric surgical procedures. Facilities in Turkey, especially those located in Istanbul, Izmir and Kusadasi are internationally recognized or JCI accredited facilities with world-class and advance medical technology in a variety of disciplines, including orthopedics, cardiac care, and vascular diseases.

Turkey is fast gaining a reputation of providing superlative medical and health care in many fields, including cosmetic and plastic surgery, cardiac care and procedures, vision, LASIK technology and orthopedics and dentistry, just to name a few. With state-of-the-art facilities located not only in her major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, but scattered along the southern portion of the state along the Mediterranean, Turkish physicians and surgeons offer high class care and expertise to natives and international travelers. The majority of Turkish physicians and surgeons are trained in Europe or the United States, and offer experience and knowledge in new technologies and techniques.

Access to Healthcare in Turkey
Privately owned hospitals and facilities as well as international medical centers are available to citizens, international travelers and expatriates in Turkey's major cities of Istanbul, Kusadasi, Izmir, Alanya, Mugla, Marmaris, Antalya and Fethiye. In many such locations, physicians have received training and certification in Britain, Germany, and the United States, offering enhanced quality of facilities and services.

Turkey is fast growing a reputation as being an international medical destination for cosmetic dentistry, fertility treatments, cosmetic surgical procedures and cancer treatment and citizens from Armenia, Albania and Western Russia often travel to Turkey for fast, efficient, and affordable healthcare that offers quality, affordable  and effective results.

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