How to Prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

Gastric sleeve, surgery also called sleeve gastrectomy is a sort of bariatric (weight loss) surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery includes decreasing the size of your stomach so you feel full subsequent to eating just a limited quantity of food. While this activity is a viable method for getting in shape, it's anything but a long-lasting arrangement.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Decreased Appetite

During gastric sleeve surgery, one of our board-certified bariatric surgeons will lessen your stomach by around 90% to the size and state of a banana. This permits you to feel full by eating short of what you regularly would after surgery.

Reduced Health Issues

Studies show that bariatric surgery can mitigate and surprisingly turn around diabetes and different conditions related to extreme weight.

Improved Quality of Life

Following bariatric surgery, numerous patients experience newly discovered certainty and end up taking part in daily existence to their full limit.

Gastric sleeve surgery Cost in Tijuana Mexico?

The average cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Packages in Tijuana, Mexico is around $5,500.

Cost Comparison of Gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico




United States

Gastric Sleeve Surgery


United Kingdom

Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Tijuana, Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Surgery


A Closer Look to Weight loss Surgery (Gastric Sleeve)

A gastric sleeve is a prohibitive surgery that limits the amount you can eat. During the method at our Medical Centers, your specialist will get to your stomach utilizing insignificantly obtrusive laparoscopic procedures. Utilizing a careful stapler, he will then, at that point make a stomach "sleeve" like the size and state of a banana. When the stomach is stapled into two segments, the bigger area will be eliminated. The leftover sleeve may be around 10% of the size of your normal stomach.

A Very Safe Technique

A Gastric Sleeve is a very safe procedure/technique. Its complication rate is less than 1% in the first month after surgery.

Is it Save to get Gastric Sleeve surgery in Tijuana or any other City in Mexico

It is totally protected to travel to Mexico. The nation gets more than 1,000,000 clinical tourists consistently, and a lot more millions relaxation tourists from everywhere the world, who appreciate protected episode free travel.

Why Choose Tijuana, Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery

With the availability of a variety of resources in the field of bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, the city is very popular among the people seeking gastric sleeve surgery abroad. The best of surgeons and top surgery clinics make Tijuana a top destination among people who want to undergo gastric sleeve surgery procedures abroad. However, you must have doubts and queries regarding the procedure and its success. Thus, it is important that you ask some key questions to your bariatric surgeon and then make the right decision.

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer

In the US the cost of a gastric sleeve is around $15,400, you can save more than $10,000 by getting a gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Weight Loss by Gastric Sleeve Before and After

Weight loss before and after pictures in Tijuana, Mexico

Am I a good candidate for Gastric Sleeve surgery

Important Considerations for gastric sleeve surgery

Body Mass Index: 

To go through gastric sleeve surgery, you ought to have a body mass index (or BMI) of more than 30 and under 50.

No previous Bypass: 

Patients who have effectively gone through gastric bypass surgery are bad contenders for this methodology.

Heart Health:

Patients who have had a heart attack or experience the ill effects of a heart condition might be precluded from this surgery.

Previous Gastric Band:

The LAP-Band is a sort of movable gastric band that is expected to confine the amount you can eat. In the event that your LAP-Band has become free or slipped, you might require revision surgery to accomplish your ideal outcomes. Gastric sleeve is a well-known technique for revision surgery that can assist you with accomplishing the drawn-out weight loss you generally needed.

Top Clinics For Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Bypass Gastrico Merida

Advance Health Medical Center

Dr. Mario Camelo

Mexico Bariatrics

My New Body Obesity Center

Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial (Patient Review)

We Never Recommend Gastric Sleeve Unless We think it is Completely safe

Prior to supporting you for weight loss surgery, our group will direct broad pre-usable assessments to guarantee you are sound enough for treatment. This pre-employable screening includes: 



Chest x-ray 

Evaluation by a cardiologist

How to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery

Start and keep an exercise routine to reach and keep your weight loss objectives. 

Lower your day-by-day calories to a reach between 1200-1500 calories (or in a reach talked about with your doctor). 

Try not to burn-through stimulated drinks roughly one month before surgery.

Recovering after Weight Loss Surgery

To set you up for success and reliable, long-term weight loss after your takeoff from Mexico, we have dietary conferences with each quiet before they leave our medical clinic. 

We additionally necessitate that all weight loss surgery patients play out a barium swallow at the medical clinic. During this test, you will be given an answer that contains barium sulfate. We will then, at that point lead an x-rays test to follow the arrangement as it travels through your gastrointestinal organs. This is a significant prudent advance to guarantee that there are no leaks after your gastric sleeve.

First Few Days:

Our group will screen your quick recuperation in the medical clinic. For the initial not many days, you can just burn through clear fluids in limited quantities. In the event that you recuperate well inside this time period, we will discharge you.

First Month:

For the first month, you ought to follow an eating regimen of pureed food varieties and protein shakes. Try to remain hydrated and relax. Your body will require time to acclimate to the predetermined number of calories. After around 30 days, your primary care physician might endorse expanding your action level.

After Month:

Gradually, you can move from fluids to strong food varieties. You will most likely begin to see changes in your body, like inclination lighter and more vigorous. You ought to circle back to your dietician or nutritionist consistently and start a more thorough exercise schedule.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

Questions to ask before for Gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Here is a list of ten questions that you can ask a surgeon before going for gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico:

Why are you suggesting gastric sleeve over other bariatric surgeries?

Gastric sleeve surgery is an advanced weight loss procedure that permanently reduces the stomach size by 70%. You lose weight by feeling less hungry, by reducing your food intake and the number of calories consumed.

What does my Body Mass Index say about my suitability for this procedure?

Body mass index is an approximate measure of your best weight for health. It is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared (m2).??

How much weight can I lose after the surgery?

Average Monthly Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve is between 0.9-1.8kg every week for about 6-12 months.

Is it likely that I will regain weight after the surgery?

In most cases, people who don't exercise or diet will gain weight after 18 months of surgery.

What lifestyle changes do I need to incorporate post-surgery like what exercises I have to do or what will be my diet?

Swimming, Cycling, Walking, Yoga, Dancing, Jogging, and aerobics classes are helpful to keep you maintain after gastric sleeve surgery

What type of follow-up care do I need?

Medical monitoring, Nutritional monitoring, managing dietary adequacy, and the deficiencies that may occur. Assessment for surgical complications and monitoring weight loss response and evaluation of weight regain if it occurs.

Where will you conduct the surgery? Is it an accredited center or affiliated with any renowned medical board of Mexico?

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Factors that Affect Package Price

You may find that the same provider is offering different package prices for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Packages in Tijuana, Mexico. This happens due to relative factors such as:

Weight of the patient

Gender of the patient

Age of the patient

Complexities related to the procedure

Hormonal instabilities in the patient 

The doctor at the clinic would ask to go for laboratory tests to ascertain the condition and plan your treatment course of action. Based on that, the doctor may consult over the phone and explain the gastric sleeve surgery plan for you.

More Questions About Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico (Watch Videos)

How to Get There

It is better to reach Piedras Negras by air, as the Piedras Negras International Airport is connected to all the major North and South American cities. The city is quite popular for its world-class healthcare industry and tourists attractions.

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