Surgical Bliss Overview
When most people hear the word South Africa, they think of safaris, tundra, and wild animals. However, South Africa, and Cape Town especially, are centers of world-class and renowned medical facilities and centers. One of the most well-known is Surgical Bliss, specializing in a variety of treatments and medical fields.

Surgical Bliss offers treatments in the fields of ophthalmology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and orthopedics, just to name a few. A high standard of medical care and a variety of destination and tourism adventures and opportunities await medical travelers who visit South Africa for a variety of treatments and procedures.

Surgical Bliss offers a variety of ophthalmologist services including LASIK and cataract surgery, and in orthopedics specializes in full and partial hip, knee, and shoulder surgical replacement, resurfacing, and repair procedures. Plastic and reconstructive surgery experts at Surgical Bliss offer nose surgery, facelifts, breast reduction and augmentation as well as tummy tucks and liposuction.

Growing numbers of international patients are taking advantage of health tourism opportunities, pricing, and experts in South Africa. Cape Town, noted for its ability to work with medical specialists at several of the top rated private hospitals in South Africa include the Cape Town MedicClinic, the Cape Eye Hospital, and the Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital, provide international patients with surgeons and physicians highly trained and experienced in such care.

Surgical Bliss offers access to leading medical facilities for the care, and repair and treatment of sports injuries, making it one of the most popular destinations for World Cup soccer players and professionals. Physicians and surgeons at Surgical Bliss consult with orthopedic specialists that also belong to local associations of shoulder and elbow surgery.

The motto at Surgical Bliss is excellence, ethics and experience. Ms. Denise Hoogervorst, Director of Surgical Bliss states, "Visitors from abroad are impressed by world-class medical facilities, surgeons, and specialized care that South Africa offers. "I have been in many operating theaters all over the world and South African hospitals are on par and in many cases, have even better facilities... I want to share South Africa and the expertise of our specialists and hospitality of our beautiful country with patients in need of affordable and excess accessible healthcare."

Receiving Care at Surgical Bliss
Surgical Bliss is in a unique position to offer international travelers and medical patients the best that South Africa has to offer, including on inspiring seascapes and mountain scenery, whale watching (whale season starts in July) and a variety of resort communities and world-class dining and accommodations choices.

Surgical Bliss offers all inclusive medical packages that include flights, accommodations, surgery, after-care, and a variety of entertainment venues to meet every taste and need. Snow- weary travelers will enjoy a variety of winter festivities in Cape Town, including the south African Open Golf Challenge, and the Haut Bay Harbor Festival. All other seasons offer the best in safaris, sunbathing and shopping, just to name a few delights waiting for prospective travelers.

Says Lisa Brown-Waterson of Australia, "The high standard of preoperative and follow-up care that my mother received was superb, allowing me to leave the country reassured that she would be well cared for, and attended to, in my absence."

Irina Nekrashevich and Marina Anischenko of Russia, say, "We would like to recommend to use the services of both Ms. Denise Hoogervorst and Surgical Bliss to their full capacity and to experience great African holiday prior to dealing with surgical matters. You can totally rely on Denise as she is able to sort out any arising situation or emergency."

Traveling to South Africa for Medical Care
South African hospitals, clinics and high-tech facilities are attracting more medical tourists every year, especially those seeking high quality care and cost savings in procedures like cosmetic and plastic surgery, dental surgery and orthopedic and ophthalmic surgical procedures. Surgeons and facilities are registered and accredited by the South African Medical and Dental Councils.

South Africa has so much more to offer world travelers that her beautiful wildlife. South Africa also offers high-tech and modern cities, culture, arts, fine dining and the best in world-class hotel accommodations.

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