PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado is the ultimate health and wellness tourism industry resource. 

"We strive to offer consumers the best resources and information on medical providers in international destinations to help consumers make effective, affordable and safe choices regarding Health Care," says Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay.

Personal Health Care is all about choices. Whether you're looking for elective procedures, surgery abroad, alternative medicine or health and wellness programs and retreats, PlacidWay dedicates their efforts to providing accurate data, procedure costs and information regarding physicians, surgeons and healthcare facilities around the globe.

Enjoy savings of between 30% and 75% for the same procedures offered in the United States and decreased wait times when traveling for health care abroad. Lower cost doesn't mean lower quality or qualifications. On the contrary, rents, malpractice insurance premiums and licensing fees are lower in other countries, offering consumers affordable healthcare in accredited and certified facilities.

PlacidWay meets the needs of consumers looking for, expecting technologically advanced healthcare infrastructures combined with the benefits of a vacation. We specialize in medical tourism packages to provide the best medical treatment abroad for all health care needs.

Growing numbers of foreign medical providers are accredited by the Joint Commission International and ISO organizations, and adhere to guidelines designed by the WHO World Alliance For Patient Safety Standards.

Explore the world of medical options, facilities and treatments at the click of a mouse. For free information on global healthcare options, specialists, services and health care provider facilities around the globe, visit PlacidWay for in-depth profiles of medical treatments and procedures, center facilities and medical staff from the comfort of home or office.

PlacidWay continues to add reputable and accredited providers from around the world to offer choices to consumers tired of rising healthcare costs, long wait times, and outrageously expensive procedures and surgeries that devastate life savings and their future financial security.

The status quo of traditional medical care is changing. Medical Tourism is the wave of the future; a wave that offers every consumer a choice in their own medical care. Catch the wave, enjoy the savings and benefit from the expertise and experience of world-acclaimed surgeons and high-tech, state-of-the-art facilities from Seoul to the Caribbean to Kiev.

PlacidWay is dedicated to bringing the world of medicine to the fingertips of millions seeking quality yet affordable health care options that don't leave them bankrupt. Visit PlacidWay at for the best in reliable and up-to-date information for medical care needs in fields of cardiac care, orthopedics, obesity and weight loss, plastic and cosmetic surgical care and health and wellness retreats and spas and more.

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